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Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Tricky to rocka rhyme, to rocka rhyme

You know that Run DMC diddy? It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme, alright it's tri-ckeyyy. Tricky, Tricky, Tricky...

So what's Mrs Hullabaloo gotta say THIS saturday all you's are coming on to my shtetl to see. Well. I would like to see one game where we don't have one messed up Coaching call. (or ridiculous zebra calls, cause that WAS a fumble recovery in the 4th Q. AND a half the distance to the goal for running into a fair catch.)

-I'm interrupting myself to say that we have a lot of football left and we'll just dust ourselves off and cream the Blazers. Amen my brothers and sisters-

But Oh glorious and merciful sweet baby Jesus, creator of all that is wonderful and good: THANK YOU for showing us what a real Tulane team is like, if just for 30 glorious minutes.

But what marred it for me was the Trick play with Joe Kemp, that was the beginning of the end. Argh! Kemp is a wonderful soul, all heart. But he aint fast. So why do a trick play that includes Kemp with a team like Tulsa? All we needed was a first down or get closer. Even if we went 3 and out, Cairo does better at closer range kicks anyways. Coulda had it all. We coulda had it all. Rolling in the Deep. They keep me thinking that we almost haad it all. Ok, no more Adele...sorry, I'll get back to football now.

Oh for the love of G-d, what was the story with the lame-o end of the first half. kneeing it. That was an exclamation point that we are pansies and just extinguished any and all mo generated by that amazing first half.

Momma Wave, mother of a former player, said her former player turned to her at the half and said "Oh, we practiced that play every Thursday." Did you hear that? They practiced - KNEEING. (!) Every Thursday.

I don't think I need to add more to that nugget of information. Other than I just had a brain storm. What about Hang On To The Ball Thursdays. Or Use Your Timeouts and Put Points on the Board Thursdays.

(Y'all I promise that I'll have pictures tomorrow of our fab tailgating and some other "color" - cause we passed a real good time with our rustic, not fancy tailgating.)

So today, I decided to do something novel and I did a random sampling of interviews. Although some members of our krewe decided to interject when nobody asked them. At one point I had to turn to Mr. Koozie and say, "Mr. Koozie, is your name MissB? I didn't think so. Because I, and my dear readers, want to hear what MissB thinks." Now, Mrs. Hullabaloo thanks you for your enthusiasm and passion for the Tulane Greenwave and I'll be getting to your SuperFan profile soon, but all this interrupting was impeding on my documenting what other peoples had to say.

So here it is:

PreacherMan: "Extremely disappointed. Because I was unexpectedly optimitstic with our performance in the first half. We hung with them, but this defensive line was much better than our offensive line. We lack offensive talent, The weren't any holes for our running backs, we had dropped passes. Let me say this: It made me miss Dan Dodd." (oh nooo he didn't say that!)

MissThing: "Score was not representative of the first half or the first quarter. But I still love the Wave. It's a sickness. Also, I loved Mrs. Hullabaloo's tailgating punch, what's it called the Naked Punch? Yes, the Skipngobuttnekkid Punch." (more on the Gameday Lemonade, as I prefer to call it, in tomorrow's post).

MissB: "Band day was GREAT. The pre-game show was wonderful and the halftime show too." (thank you MissB for reminding us about the positives!)

Muse: "About the Tulane game? You ever hear of Red Rover? ....Plus what's up with Gus Kattengell? Isn't he being paid to cover Tulane for the length of the game? Why is he talking purple during a Tulane Game. And no more baseball tickets for you Anthony on the Cell!!"

KingFish: "31 points given up is not demonstrative of our defense. Offense lacked horribly. Defense good enough to be better than giving up 31 points. The dropped balls. Defense gave us good field position all day. Today probably one of the problems is coaching. We'll be Okay next week. Tulsa was a tough game. I was optimistic after first half when we hung with them."

TyronePowers: "why oh why did BT not try to run plays at the end of the first half??? Why go into the locker room with 2 timeouts when we had the ball and could have taken several shots at the end zone? I will wish him the very best retirement if he leaves at the end of the season regardless of what happens. This ball control/game-management stuff is great if you can actually get in the endzone, which we can't seem to do after 5 years." (I agree, it does not take a football genius to realize after a few games that in CUSA whoever scores the most points wins. It's not about who controls Time of Posession stats)

BigMac: "We have to overhaul this administration. We have to get to the root and deal with stuff at the top. You know what I'd like to know? What is it like to wake up every morning and know that you are responsible for what is one of the worst in the country. Tulane's president could do something to address this"

LittleMac (BigMac's son): "I don't know. I loved Mrs. PreacherMan's brownies"

So there you have it, folks. From the heartland.

I'm not adding the running commentary from the dudes in the row behind us, because I just wanted to turn around and knock some heads. These Tulane grad students, or one of them anyways, was apparently a Florida Gator. On and on and on he would talk about SEC game day and Florida championships and etc. etc. It drove me nuts! Could you please live in the moment and comment on the game at hand or zip it? He shoulda parked his behind in Gainesville and saved me the aggravation. And then towards the end of the game he starts quizzing me and asking me erroneous questions. Was JP Losman the QB during your undefeated season a few years ago? (13 years is a "few"?). I politely answered his questions and then rolled my eyes at him.

Anyways, Coach Hullabaloo and I are scouting UAB and watching their game v. Florida. Their O-line looks pretty strong. They forced a turnover on Florida and it's 16-0 18-0 going into the half (the punter just got a bad snap and got a safety). Our trip to Birmingvegas should be interesting.....

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