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Monday, September 27, 2010


First - my sincerest apology to my dear fans that I did not have a blog post whipped out to share first thing Sunday morning. I was so exhausted from that unbearable Hot as Hades, Mojave-type conditions in that horrible concrete stadium that we went straight to the hotel to clean up, sleep and then hit the road Sunday to be back Chez Nous.

My biggest disapointment HAS got to be UAB losing to Tennessee - what a game, huh?! I wish that they'd won!!

So Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were tres hereux to be "Bienvenue en Louisiane" Sunday afternoon. Just in time to catch Sean Payton ice a blocked kick. BOOOO - those suck Coach Payton! Can that call, OK?

I know, I know! You are all extremely anxious to hear my reporting about Cooter Day, so I will get right to it!

Did I expect Tulane to win? No, I really didn't. So I was just ecstatic with our second and third quarter performance. And ecstatic that we sacked Broadway as often as we did.

(all football photos below courtesy of the AP)

When we woke up Sunday morning I turned to Coach Hullabaloo, laughed and asked "Were we really first and ten at the Houston 30 and then it turned into 4th and 43? Or was that a wicked dream?"

Ha! Coach Hullabalo laughed and said, that was the fastest drive down the field he'd ever seen. He just didn't expect for it to be in reverse.

Oh, the typical weekend of a Tulane fan. sigh.

Clearly we have talent on our football team. We will just have to faithfully await our Coaching Messiah to lead our Greewave Rennaissance. I feel he will be coming soon.

Which reminds me that I'll need to go ask my witch/spiritual adviser, Jade, about that on my next trip to Jackson Square. I've met her personally and she is really, really good at her tarot readings. I am dead as a doornail serious. Seriously, I read this post from a Kentucky Wildcat. I then googled about that year's tourney, my jaw dropped on the ground at her accuracy and just had to go find her. But alas I plum forgot to ask her about my sports teams during my reading. I assure you it's true she has no teeth and wears pentagram star dangle earings. She also drinks blood, which completely freaks me out I admit.

Speaking of bloodsucking vampires - New Orleans VooDoo season tickets are on sale now.

One word about spiritualists - just because they give accurate readings, doesn't mean you are actually going to like what they have to say or that it's going to be what you want to hear.

So back to the topic at hand: How about Kevin Moore having some flashes of brilliance there on those back to back TD's?!?

Payten Jason back grinding it out on the field again!!!

Devin Figaro is starting to show some Robert Meachem promise!

and Trent Mackey is da man! And how about Cody Sparks first college Touch Down!?!?!

So Despite that ridiculous 4th and 43 stack of penalties and some I'd-rather-soon-forget-flashbacks of Kevin Moore throwing at people's feet, I must comment that not going for it on 4th down in the 2nd half (in lieu of kicking 50 yards) and then trying for 2 were really some stupid coaching calls.

We just need a new architect at the helm is all.

All in all, the Cooters did not disappoint in amusing me. Although I have to say that I was really looking forward to seeing the latest in gangsta fashions and disappointed they were all no-shows. I guess they don't come out for day games.

There was, however, a group of aging men who appeared old enough to know better - or at least should have picked up some manners of somesort by the looks of their age. They were seated along the 30 yard line on the sideline with their girlfriends and wives. Next to their section of seating were the Greenwave Coaches football wives, including our very own Greenwave Jackie-O, Elaine Toledo. I don't know how she manages to keep her hair and appearnce looking perfect under every weather condition and just always sparkling personality no matter what the scoreboard reads. I will miss her.

So these typical classy Cooter fans were sitting there cussing at our players and giving them the bird, right by our coaches wives! And the Cooter wives/girlfriends just chatting away amidst amongst themselves as if such behavior were acceptable. I was embarrassed for them.

and OMG on the Ranchera and Norteno tailgating music festival at Robertson Stadium. Yes, I am entitled to my petty opinions. Go Get your own blog if you didn't find that funny. Because I did and shall therefor comment on it as I please.

Additional photographic proof of The Cooter Classiness

I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Greenwaver Dot and her fabulous family. Dot and her family shared some amazing Fried Chicken with us that was fried up fresh right there at tailgating. We are talking Fiorella's and Willie Mae's worthy fried chicken y'all. Can't wait to part-ay with Dot in Manhattan next week for Rutgers.

Sitting there in the stands by us was The Official Albert Williams Fan Club (TOAWFC). These girls were a trip and I hope to introduce myself to them sometime soon. I hearted them so! They kept calling Albert "Showtime!" As in "Okay, lets' go get them Showtime!" "Show em how it's done Showtime!" Some annoying Cooter fans started cheering "Cooters House!" behind us and TOAWFC would respond "TU House!" ...and back and forth they would go. It was like a live musical number from West Side Story.

Also, yours very truly, got to lead the homeside in The Hullabaloo with the absence of the Greenbackers. What an honor!

So next up Rutgers. and some totally devious Manhattan shopping. Watch out, Mrs. Hullabaloo is gonna sprout some horns!

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