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Monday, September 20, 2010

My thoughts on Ines

"Thank You Bob! But I love the top - such a vibrant purple. Bob, would you call this color "grape" or "aubergine"?" ....

I know you are just DYING to know my thoughts about Miss Ines. Especially in light of my absolutely catty behavior with regard to the Real Ho-wives of Oxford that made a cameo in New Orleans 2 weekends ago.

Well, here's my thoughts Hullabaloo Huddle Fans. Brace Yourselves.

Miss Ines needs to call and THANK the NY Jets for putting her on the map. Who had ever heard of her before this episode?

and then she needs to go out and find a decent stylist.

and No for the upteenth time, she is not Miss Spain/Miss Universe. Miss Ines Sainz Gallo is from Mexico. Miss Ines Saenz Esteban is from Spain. There's a zillion spanish speakers in our wonderful world. Ya think maybe their two mommas (the former Miss Gallo and the former Miss Esteban) may have chosen a similar name for their daughters. Like maybe there might be two Robert Smiths in this world?

Anyways - Yes, Miss Ines' jeans were too tight, her translucent shirt was unbuttoned too low. She left nothing to the imagination. But, alas, she did not consult me about appropriate costuming.

This whole hullabaloo is a prime example of the major difference between Southerners and Northerners. Had Miss Ines been in a locker room say in Chinquapin Parish, asking Mark Sanchez if he could describe the Jets green as "Clover" or "Hunter" dressed in that get up, Mr. Sanchez and everybody else in that locker room would have addressed her questions with utmost politeness and then as soon as she sashayed out the door, the locker room would have been completely abuzz.

See, we'll be polite to your face, and then tear you down behind our hands or after you leave. It's just our nature. If you can't say something nice about someone, well, come sit by me! So we can giggle and whisper. and then smile at you sweetly if you turn around.

There are sadly exceptions to every rule. Hokey Kagan and Bobby Hebert - you are complete idiots for saying that she asked for it. Well, not just for that. I have a laundry list for why y'all are idiots. Being LSU fans would probably be the #1 reason on my list. However, what if Miss Inez were your daughter, would you feel the same way about the behavior of the other "adults" in that room? In a locker room of millionaires there's not one modicum of manners?

Goes to show that money simply cannot buy you class. Once a coon-ass, always a coon-ass.

Wouldn't it have been more reasonable to perhaps have gone to the PR Department at the Jets and said "We, neanderthals, cannot have women reporters dressed like ho's given press passes to the locker room. We are way too immature to handle such situations and you simply must to save us from ourselves."

or at the very least, followed Ouisa's behavior and waited until afterwards to make fun of the sitatuation ("Shut Up! They don't give a damn about that Grape Sh&t Clairee!"). Because then it would have been a funny story to use to entertain at social gatherings, such as OMG remember that black lace top that Ole Miss grandmother wore?! What a hoot!

Except that now it's a catastrophe. For everyone except Miss Ines that is. She needs to strike with the iron is hot and negotiate better salary and market her newfound fame. You go girl!

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