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Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank You NFL!

The NFL got a bad rap as the No Fun League last year when they tried to sue Who Dats over ownership of Who Dat and the Fleur de lis. and then also when they basically dismissed the saints and gave 80-10 coverage in favor of Indianapolis leading up to SB44.

What stinkers, non?

Well, I think it caught them by surprise how we just gobble up cute merchandise and how we can bring millions out for a parade and thousands out to the airport (hello, 13 fans in Indianapolis). And how fiercely loyal we are to our teams.

So the NFL put on a SPECTACULAR pre-game parade and concert in Jackson Square yesterday. The Tulane Marching Band was the only collegiate band to participate in the parade. Southern played in the Superdome for kick-off and half time.

In the picture above, TUMB members eye blacked themselves in the Who Dat black and gold. Because afterall, if it weren't for Tulane there would be no Dave Dixon or Hale Boggs to create the Saints and the Superdome.

I was so proud to see our Olive n Blue band marching down Decatur Street! Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo scored some guest passes for Jackson Square and got to see them live. I can't stop writing how awesome it was.

There were spectacular shots of Jackson Square, the river, Algiers Point, downtown. It made me so proud of New Orleans.

and then to cap it off - Dave Matthews played live and capped off with a massive JAM session with Kermit Ruffins and Trombone Shorty. and if it couldn't have gotten any more insane, Mardi Gras Indians and some Secondline Steppers came out. Jackson Square went completely Rachel Zoe ba-nanas!

Thank You NFL for a truly extraordinary kick-off!!!

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