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Thursday, September 9, 2010

We made her change!

photo by bobby of nola via flickr

Mrs. Hullabaloo is a heartless tough love Town Mom.

We thought we'd start to introduce our little Town Daughter chickadees to some off-campus, outside-of-the-bubble activity and bring them to Gordon Biersch for the radio shows on Wednesdays. One at a time, rotating them - maybe we might invite them together for the homecoming week show.

Big Sky is my first Town Daughter, whose all grown up now as a Sophomore. She's a mountain west girl and had alerted us last spring that steaks and juicy fat burgers were few and far between in the campus kitchens. So after taking her to sample her very first oysters at Bourbon House Seafood and Drago's, we now always treat her to other fine New Orleans steak and burger joints.

Big Sky finds my enthusiasm for the Wave intriguing as most Tulane students do. More as observers than actual participants.

Now, to her credit - she's got the Saints Who Dat thing down. She came downtown after the NFC championship win to mingle with Who Dats on Bourbon Street. She went to the SB Victory Parade in the freezing cold. And, she texted me at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning when we were in Miami for SB weekend to let us know she went to be on the "Good Morning America!" taping in Jackson Square. It was my proudest Momma moment!

We always invite Big Sky to tailgating for football and baseball and she always obliges (well because I'm her Town Mom and she has to). She gets to sample tasty dishes lovingly prepared and mingle with Tulane fans. We are hoping that enthusiasm rubs off on her at some point.

So we pulled up to Willow Street to find Big Sky waiting for us. In a purple top.

Yes, you read that right. She was wearing purple.

H3ll to the no. Coach Hullabaloo rolled down the window and joked that he tried to hit the puddle by the curb hoping it would splash up and force a costume change.

We indeed drove her back to her dorm so she could find a more appropriate color choice. For real. Gotta start learning them somehow, right?

She found an adorable Tulane logo tee-shirt that we loved. We got to introduce Big Sky to Coach Toledo and to other Tulane fans at the radio show. Could you imagine our shame if we had allowed her to appear in purple? and as terrible Town Parents, Coach Hullabaloo and I joked with Tulane fans how we made her change before coming.

This is what we want to see, Big Sky (shot of random co-eds at homecoming): Spirited Co-Eds in Cute Tulane Apparel.

Overall, it was a great, fun show. Alex Wacha, Andrew Nierman, and Philip Davis were interviewed, as well as Coach Toledo. Can't wait for game day now!

P.S. We Love You Big Sky! (Don't hate us!)

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