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Monday, September 6, 2010

We're #1

Well not really. But we were on Friday when all other CUSA teams swirled in the toilet for their home openers.

UCF, ECU, UTEP and the Cooters now join us in the "W" column in the conference after week 1.

I am sorry that Mrs. Hullabaloo has very little to report about our home opener. I was literally physically detained for the days leading up to gameday in another city, unable to hostess tailgating. But I made it just in time to grab a bite of stuffed artichokes and then "sit", as instructed, for the game. and We won. yay!

Our favorite tailgating beau, Jim, made us a cute sign for our new booster club. I hope to have pictures to post of that soon.

I do have pictures of this adorable shirt by one of the fans. I told her she needed to be careful because there might be a mugging of her shirt.

So post-game Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were again called out of town. to Atlanta.

Of all the cities in the country to have to be Labor Day weekend, we just had to be in Atlanta. They hosted a chicken bowl and invited the Tarholes and the Tiggers to play.

Half way to Atlanta I realized the occasion and then remembered that I had a Tarheel shirt sitting in my closet. Missed opportunity, oh well.

So we pulled up to our hotel and it turned out we were staying in the same hotel as the Tarheel band. and assorted purple people. ugh.

Gameday some of the purple people decided to smoke cigars in their hotel rooms, stank up the entire hotel. So gauche they are.

Later that evening, about kick off time, Coach H and I are driving back to our hotel and the street is blocked because a cab has stopped in the middle of a very busy road so that a purple undergrad and his minder could throw up on the curb. We pulled up to the scene when the Minder was holding up Lightweight and steadying him.

Lightweight kept trying to grab at a street pole that was not within reach and swaying over. Minder finally had enough and steared him over to climb back in the cab, which took for-ev-err. Come on: one foot up, next foot, and shove him in already!

Go all that way just to over do it before kick off and then make a fool of yourself in public like that.

The next day I had wanted to get up and go so that we avoided sharing the road and annoying me further than I was already annoyed, but no such luck. It was a caravan heading back to Louisiana.

At one point we ran over a Tigger car flag that was in the middle of the highway. It made me feel so much better.

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