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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Cuteness

Nothing special to write today, just finding some cute stuff online and sharing with you.

Inspired somewhat by an online petition circulating by SLU. Apparently, Hammondites are simply outraged, just outraged, that on gameday the local Albertson's instructed the cashiers and workers to wear -gasp- purple. I'm with my brothers and sisters in Hammond to STAND UP against such tyranny!

About time there's somebody else other than just us Greenies complaining about this inequity.


So, to show your support to the cause and begin indoctrinating the chillens at an early age, this cute outfit may be purchased online at Etsy

I think it's double entrendre, doubly cute. Is it "Green Wave, BABY" or "Green Wave Baby" ? Either way it's making a statement.

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