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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Dance

I is so happy, I may actually forget how much next year's schedule sucks and how furious I was that they cancelled our away game to Starkvegas to play Mississippi State. Or was it Ole Miss that they cancelled?

Anyways, today was like the first time in like ever, that Tulane managed to put out the announcement of our future opponents prior to the celebration of Purim. And they also actually included the date of the American Conference championship game on the list of games, omg ha!

This is no longer your same ole Greenwave y'all!

My WAY too early predictions? Southern, UL (please let it be a humiliating payback, puh-leeze!), Massachusetts, SMU, UConn, and Tulsa. Go out and buy a powerball ticket y'all.

So yes! We had a press conference announcement today over in the Glazer Club. Hullabaloo Ray Ray!

Coach Fritz went all ARGGG! on us tossing a ROLL WAVE into his introduction speech. Most of us Greenies are still so shellshocked by all the losing from the Dickson Era that we didn't quite know how to respond and just gave him our polite golf claps in response. The moment captured by the Times Pic. Look at President Fitts. lmao. He's so cute.

LOL. I wish that Buggy lived in Nola so that he could have stood up and lead a spontaneous round of Hullabaloo for the occasion.

It was a decent crowd, Gail Benson was there and she looked fabulous. Another photeaux by the Times Pic.

They had cake and cookies again, and the infamous Sodexo fudge brownies and lemon bars.

Another neat thing is that I got to finally meet and chat with Glenn Cuillette.

And I got a photo with Coach Pierce's wife who I have such a crush on.

She is the cutest wife ever. I told her she needed to come watch me ride in Cleopatra since Mardi Gras is early this year and baseball doesn't start til later in February.

And I got to steal Coach Fritz' wife for a second and chit chat with her.

We chatted shopping since she admired my sweater and phone case. Lawd, she has no idea. Mrs. Hullabaloo shopping for Greenwave outfits is like a full time gig. I have a whole pinterest board for Tulane outfit shopping and everything. If you perused the board you can probably tell I have a Greenwave Mobile (VW combi truck) thing going on right now.

Anyways, I thought the #1 Jersey thing that they did was such a cute touch. First photeaux by Times Pic, second by Parker Waters.

The #1 Fritz

So, can I tell you I just cannot wait for the winning portion of my Greenwave career to begin? It's like the last 17 years were a dark nightmare and we are finally seeing sunshine.

Before the announcement that Coach Fritz was our guy I was getting umpteen texts about the pending Optioncapolypse that could potentially befall Greenwave Nation. I did stop and hesitate about that for like not at all, because we lose to the Option regularly so I wouldn't mind being the one embarrassing an opponent for a change. It is refreshing that we are hiring a guy who has a football philosophy from this century and he knows how to coach his scheme and has a staff that potentially would include a special teams specialist among them. There's not like a question mark that he maybe may have to go dig around amongst the Grad Assistants to paper scissor rocks it on who gets to coach things. No, those days are O-V-E-R.

Hallelu! I foresee lots of Booty Shaking by Mrs. Hullabaloo next fall. Woo hoo!

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