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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Eyes of Texas Were Upon Us

The Wave Gigged Texas, yes indeedy!

I can't wait til we are formally invited to the Big 12 (ha, sooo still dreaming). What fun! And other than Mr Annoying Man in the section over from us, I very much enjoyed mingling with my people from Texas.

Mrs. Hullabaloo is Texan, you know.

 All the Longhorn Fans were mostly pleasant. AND generous - we got us free tickets to both games as we walked up from very nice strangers, plus we got a golf cart ride to the stadium, and because God is Good: their ice cream stand in the stadium had Reese's Pieces, and they were selling hot chocolate like all normal college stadiums tend to do. Winning!

Their stadium UFCU Disch Falk Field was beautiful. And by the way ... UFCU stands for University Federal Credit Union. I know - I wondered about that a little. Especially with Furman having had "FU" emblazoned on their ball caps last week. Lawd did Big Mike make me laugh with his inappropriate commentary about that! ha!

Isn't that a beautiful ballpark?  UFCU >> Litter Box .  Anyways, so Friday's game washed out after 2 innings unfortunately. But not before we got to show up in our cute outfits. I got this dress online at Loft. Get yours.

Saturday's weather was beautiful, but we only stayed for the remainder of the rescheduled first game and then half of the second game. It got cold and I got hangry again so we had to leave to go stuff my face. My sorority sister whom I'll call Dulcecita brought her precious boys on Saturday. They got to get a baseball signed by Jake Rogers and Lex Kaplan. So cute.

Evan is holding Mr. Pickle in the bottom right which was our lucky charm. #winning

I cant stress enough how much I enjoyed UFCU Field! Before the game Texas shows a video of a former player singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame - I love love love this tradition. Can we please do this at Turchin? Like with Coach Brockhoff and his precious grandsons while he's still alive and we can?

Please excuse Coach Hullabaloo rudely interrupting this video.  I gave him a major eyeroll as these Longhorn fans were all so nice and Coach Hullabaloo was being silly.

So now Mr Annoying Man.  I was having a splendid time until this happened: in the first game on Saturday he got up half way through one of the middle innings, very rudely interrupted my pleasant conversation with a Longhorn fan about Mack Brown and the 2005 CWS, and he screamed at us "HEEEYYYY!!!!! TULANE FANS! Thats how you catch a ball!!" Of course, the other Longhorns in our section sat there embarrassed and silent. I wanted to get up and do something to him. What, I don't know, but it woulda been lights out. Maybe go stomp on his toe with my cute boots.

To be fair, their outfield was boss. They totally shut us down mostly. I am completely shocked we won because we are playing all out position, and Texas really IS that awesome and their players were amazing. Anyways after Mr. Big Mouth opened his pecan pie hole, Richard Carthon outran a throw to first and then Hope got a homerun. I felt like screaming back at him "HEY! Did you see THAT?! That's how you run on base and get a homerun!"

Another funny was that during one of our many Hullabaloos, the Longhorn Fans commented, well Gee all we do is clap.  And my friend whom I'll call Pete said, well our athletic department budget doesn't allow for cannons. ha!  Those cannons, omg.  Probably my least favorite portion of our visit to UFCU Field.

Earlier before the game, Coach and I hit up Stitch Switch BBQ and I fell in love with their Green Bean salad. That is my new favorite BBQ side, so below is a recipe.

Lemon vinaigrette
Steamed green beans
Chopped red bell peppers 
Toasted pecans

Use pre-made lemon vinaigrette like this or whisk together lemon juice, dijon mustard, dill (or other tasty herb like tarragon), walnut+canola oil, garlic powder, salt/pepper to taste. DE-RIB your green beans (or just use frozen chopped) and steam them with salt pepper and onion/garlic powder. Toast chopped up pecans with butter (either on a baking sheet in the oven or in a pan over the stove). Chop up your red bellpepper. Ok, this is when we get to the hard part: toss everything together and refrigerate.

So thank Yahweh for this series win in Austin because it helps make our losses to Nicholls, SLU, and UNO a fainter memory. Shaa! Meaningless Midweek Games. I am seaux seaux seaux glad I skipped SLU and UNO. Because suffering through that loss at Didier Field at Harvard on the Bayou is about as much as I can deal with at this point in time.  I haven't quite licked my bruised ego from the last time we lost there. Them Cajuns went totally out the box with their victory lap after the game. They had fireworks and Hooters girls and everything. I am serious. Peggy and I laughed and laughed about that on our way home from Thibovegas.

So yes, so totally glad for this win! Hullabaloo Ray Ray!!

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