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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Don't Despair Greenies!

Ay-yay-yay. Let's be positive here!

1. It was not SMU's Homecoming

2. Our blocked punt streak continues (#1 in NCAA! Huzzah!). We also attempted an onside kick, can you believe it?! Yay us!

3. Larry Dace caught the first touchdown of his career, yay! Roll Wave! (Game photos by Nathan Hunsinger, Dallas Morning News)

4. My boots were cute, and I love my Coach Hullabaloo who puts up with this nonsense because it's my alma mater and he loves me and wants to see me happy.

5. Jordy Joseph scored us two touchdowns, Bam Bam!

6. Parry Nickerson will not let us down

7. The hot chocolate at Gerald J. Ford Stadium was hot, plentiful, and not watery, yumm-o. I had about 3 cups and it helped me stay toasty warm #winning . Also, I got to enjoy another football outing with my dad. and we looked cute all bundled up. He's behind me and Mrs.Preacherman wearing the silly orange cap. Oy Daddy :-)

8. The brisket and ribs at Pecan Lodge are by far the best we've had in Texas. They were perfection. Even Rick Dickson would approve of this restaurant review in the midst of a football discussion.

9. David Vitter is, thankfully, not going to be an Ex-Officio Board Member of the Tulane Educational Fund #pheeeeeew

(Unless Vitter decides to run for Mayor of New Orleans or Superintendent of Public Education)

10. and lastly: Because Baseball Season

Anywhoozies....Last night, I hope and pray, is finally, mercifully, the beginning of the end. Please, please, please Saint Vince GibEllenderRink. Not really a saint, but I include them Greenies in my prayers.

I really dislike looking back four years ago when some people vehemently disagreed with me about my negative nelly-ing about the hiring of Coach Johnson. Even Sean Payton got on my case and called me out on the news. And y'all I gave it my best shot to get on the bandwagon and show my support. I hate to say "I told you so" but I told you so.

One last commentary. I have refrained from blogging out my mouth about the AD search, but I will add the following. I was forwarded an email early last week from a friend of Arnie Fielkow disseminating his "blueprint" as a last ditch effort to spark outrage that he wasn't getting an interview. Before the Eric Asher implosion. I read the blueprint and was woefully unimpressed. Not with the validity of the ideas, but with the lack of specifics. I thought the blueprint was quaint and naive in the same way that Rick Dickson's "Playbook" was quaint. We are going to win the AAC championship! Mmkay, how? Honorary Faculty Captains for All! Very nice. Corporate Sponsorships! win, and they will come say I.

Did you see everyone coming out the woodwork for the opening game at Yulman? Like hello there! Thank you for noticing there is a college team in New Orleans. If I can scrape up boss donations for my piddly little silent auction with our pitiful W-L record, just imagine what will pour in when we are winning!

People are ready and waiting to do their part, Tulane needs to step up and do it's part.

So anyways, I was completely turned off by the manuevering. Very unseemly and below the fray. And that made me sad, because Arnie was my dream candidate. I will, however, thank him for bringing it to our attention that Women's Soccer will be added. Yay!

So my little cabbages, I think the best part about this road trip to Dallas for the SMU game was the banana pudding I had from Hard 8 BBQ. They crumbled the nilla wafers up into fine crumbs and covered the top of the pudding, and then the pudding part was custard-ish almost like creme brulee. Deeeeeelish, I shall be trying to replicate this for tailgating some time because banana pudding makes everything better.

Thank goodness for BBQ.

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