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Sunday, November 18, 2012

This is An Outrage

Our Moral Victory was swept out right from under us.

Brent Comardelle WAS inbounds with both feet, Joshua Rounds DID go 25 yards, Robert Kelley DID make the first down.

and the pirates WERE facemasking ALL day.

It was such an outrage, I literally almost ran out onto the field and did something. What I'm not sure yet, but it would have been lights out.

Did you know I have fed some of these idiot zebras' wives this season?! Yes. at my tailgates. And this is the thanks I get.

Anyways, funniest thing all season is realizing two things. The cleverness of our injury time outs (I had an Aha! moment in Memphis. So sneeky!) and how I will always have to giggle after a Zach Davis tackle.

He seems to always do this Kung Fu move at his victim after slaying them.

I feel he must say "Namaste!" to them, or something like that.

Also, one new Tulane Tradition we started: instead of pumping a single fist for The Hullabaloo, we are pumping both arms up in the air in honor of Cairo Santos. You know, like the referee signal for "It's Good!" As in, the field goal was good and through the uprights.

Anyways, coming up later: a retrospective on the season. Hope you come check back tomorrow.


  1. The refs yesterday were TERRIBLE.

    I wouldn't let them ref my Jr. High games.