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Saturday, November 10, 2012


It officially happened: We've reached the threshold where the team's given up and it's time to just mail it in. Stick a fork in us, we are done says Mrs. BadFan here.

Alls left is to read Rick Dickson's Dreidel Talk to explain away why the team stayed in a perpetual state of confusion and why it was such a brilliant idea to go UP THE MIDDLE FOUR FRIGGIN TIMES WITHIN THE 5.

Last week the Dreidel Talk was about how this was the greatest week of the history of Tulane Athletics. Two book end losses. Awesome. And some crazy names we gotta pretend to love. Yulfogelmevlin is what I'm christening it.

Losing so sucks! But I'm just terribly impatient here, watching this for 21 years. My fandom is old enough to no longer get carded.

Just to pour salt on the wound and further demoralize us, Memphis replayed highlights of the 1992 game. 62-20. I sat in the Superdome actually witnessesing that with some gorgeous J Crew catalogue models from Memphis State that my roomies and I were entertaining for the weekend. Yes, lucky us! I'd totally post pictures, but then I would digress from my pity party.

Anyways, while on memory lane: 10 years ago we went to a Bowl Game. Remember those? Oh, and UL almost beat Florida yesterday.

p.s. the Tulane Marching Band was awesome and I loved, having them with us here in Memphis. They totally rocked. Thank you TUMB for giving us some for real college moments.

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