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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Senior Game and a Retrospective

Our senior game tailgating was a-dorable.

I hope our wave mommas enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

I am really digging this tablecloth, which Booty tried to use as a poncho during our 4th Q early start on post-game tailgating. Ha! But fer reals: it's so easy to get together and it's cheap. And that's key to keeping Coach Hullabaloo from getting exasperated.

So how you make this tablecloth, you take two pieces of felt and then cut trims of fringe all the way around the border a few inches. I'd say about 3-4 inches. And then get busy knotting a single knot tie with all of the fringe pieces.

I think I'm gonna improve upon this and get it embroidered either with a major statement fleur de lis, or with "Roll Wave" in old school cursive. Will see what inspires me. But I very much liked this look.

The banner I loved also, so it won't be the last time you see it.

So this was the last game of Booty as Riptide. So I am sharing some pictures as a retrospective. (disclaimer: if none of my sassy sarcastic commentary makes any sense, disregard: I am being facetious)

Booty gagging from proximity to Mike

Booty modeling a swingline stapler in honor of the daughter of the creator of Office Space who was a member of Shockwave. (this by the way, is factual)

Booty graciously welcoming potential future CUSA members as deck chairs continue to be re-arranged.

Booty photobombed all of Memphis Pouncer's pictures at the Memphis game, but all I captured was her doing the chacha at the pregame pep rally at the Alumni Tent (which was still pretty cute).

Me relieved that Tulane didn't add to our gridiron woes by not having Riptide at the UL game.

MrsHullabaloo and Riptide doing a disco bump pre-game at the Senior Game.

Farewell Booty as Riptide! Thank you for your service!

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