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Sunday, November 4, 2012

That Gathering Formerly Known As Homecoming

Thank you very much to everybody who organized Champions Square, put up with my flagrant violation of "the rules," tried to iron out some major kinks and not only brought us chairs to replace our confiscated ones, but also offered to bring us tables even though we did successfully manage to get those past the very vigilant guards.

But, here's the deal. The Greenies haven't won a homecoming game in one of my cat's lifetimes. I am therefor o-fficially cancelling "Homecoming." Throwing my lot in with the Greeks and "boycot it" (in air quotes) like they did this year.

I commissioned these candy jars from Coach Hullabaloo. Via my new obsession: pintrest.

Y'all, Tulane enforcing the unbeknowst to everybody "rules" of Papa Benson's Champions Square went over as well as a fart in a synagogue. And add our having to contemplate a moral victory against Rice, just has me out of sorts!

Or at the very least we shall rename this tradition. Nell and I decided we are henceforth calling it: "A Gathering"

Change the name like they changed Airline Highway to Airline Drive.....Everybody knows it's still Airline Highway, but we're giving it a different spin, put our minds off the additional pressure.

Perhaps change the dynamic of the unsavory elements who may sashay in and ruin our gameday. And, hopefully rob Tammy Nunez of the opportunity to pen yet another one of her simply awful articles that she just relishes to write. Cause lawd, she's just awful. and did I mention patronizing (if she has such disdain, why doesn't she go find a more pleasant team to cover?)

Anyways, yes, I was ever proud of the Olive+Blue's effort in the second half, turning it into an exciting and winnable game. But lawd we tried just as hard to give the game away as well. I quit counting how many TD interceptions and fumbles we had that produced points for Rice. So maybe if we enact this name thing, it will take the pressure off.

Le Sigh...
this mascot planter, another pintrest inspiration

Well, one thing I do look forward to as the Coach Curtis Johnson Era continues to unfold is whipping up a Brazilian Themed tailgate for senior day 2013 in honor of Cairo Santos! Caipirinhas and all, y'all.

Cairo is all of 4 inches taller than me, y'all it was so cute and funny to see him tossed in the air like a rag doll in celebration when he kicked that monster field goal just before the half. (picture from Times Pic)

Oh Happy Moment!

Of course, I can't neglect to mention Ryan Travis genius interception giving us our 3rd Q Mo. Cause that was some kind of awesome reminiscent of our Days of Yore at Tad Gormley Homecomings. Oh if only Griff had seen the open lane for him to run in the 2 point conversion on his own. And if only at least a half a dozen other things, like me remembering to take a friggin picture with the Monday Night Football cameraman to have proof of my hospitality in offering him a free plate of food.

Coach Hullabaloo made me these too. Cute serving stands from spray painted terra cotta planters. Love, right? Totally inspired from pintrest.

But yes, Oh for the days of Yore....or days of the future if we manage to get ESPN gameday to The Y in 2014, but that marketing coup might just be too high to aim for our "right for Tulane's situation" mentality that TPTB insists on. I could have used my aforementioned photograph with their MNF camera person as evidence that my tailgates are not to be missed and deserve ESPN Gameday treatment all. on. their. own.

Here a rogue Tulane fan in Baton Rouge. My new favorite person in the universe. He says he is not an LSU Fan. At All. He begrudgingly goes there because it was the cheapest place he could go to school. I knew I'd found a kindred spirit when he tweeted today "LSU fans are a little mad #ha" (genius, a hashtag for "ha" lol).

Anyways, I just LOVE his irreverent humor, especially as it pertains to Red Stick. Follow him for genius commentary.

So bouquet of roses to my new twitter crush Cal for representing at Gameday. And Bouquet of roses to Alabama for silencing Baton Rouge for the weekend. Yes, Indeed. And bouquets of something to them classy tigah fans for their equally classy chant emanating from their student section. For real, it's not an Urban Legend. Because me, in my naive-tay thought, no...this couldn't have possibly! but no - they even have a whole twitter account for it! Oh, dare to dream y'all!

Next Week: Memphis!

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