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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Kids

Coach Hullabaloo belly laughing this morning that he's gonna bid on the Helluva Hullabaloo Auction for the two week internship opportunity in the Athletic Department. Y'all - I'd get TWO WEEKS! For me to whip them up into shape. Talk about Extreme Home Makeover y'all. (TPTB if you are reading this: WE ARE KIDDING!)

No, for real: TULANE IS BRINGING THE WOOD! The Wave has won. Again! That's two wins in one season!

Above is Peggy fr-eaking out like she was during the game.

Bless her heart, she forsake us for the SMU game and so now she couldn't believe her eyes. Because after the SMU game, those of us actually in the stands were all commenting where this imposter team had come from.

Booty's explanation during the SMU game was that we simply had to be dressing up Saints players in olive and blue on the sly. Mickey Loomis was on the sidelines yesterday, so ya's plausible. (but for real, props where props are due: to the entire team for not giving up! Mrs. Hullabaloo very proud of y'all!).

Anyways, I listened to the postgame press conference with absolute delight. I relished our win! They interviewed Darion Monroe about his monster punt return (picture by Chris Granger, Times Pickasheet).

Lawd have mercy: when's the last time we've taken a punt return to the house? Or House Adjacent since he was called out at the 1. And I got to witness it y'all! We actually almost got to return a second one to the house, but our punt returner tripped up by himself. boo his! (<-look at me being all kinds of sassy about our extreme makeover on special teams)

Anyways, Darion Monroe's comments towards the end of the post game made me chuckle, because at the end of the clip Monroe was commending Ryan Griffin on managing the offense (did you know Ryan Griffin is running the clock down to zero on purpose?! Except for an occasional delay of game penalty, I'm not sure if I'm digging this approach). Darion capped off his comments by saying that he took his "top off to him."

I AGREE! If we keep this up through the end of the season I urge all of us to take our tops off too. A veritable "wave" of topless fans, waving our tops in the air! #TulaneTradition

Speaking of traditions, our tailgating. Ta Da!

So we moved the festivities down to the Parking Cave, because with our country beset by Hurricane, Cold Front, Tremors and Tsunami on Saturday it was some kind of cold and windy up on the Parking Lot Penthouse atop Garage 5. And cute tablescaping won out over real estate.

I just loved my tablescaping. I used stencils to paint the staggered mason jars, hung precariously here with TU colored gingham ribbon.

I repurposed some of the burlap from our Texas inspired tailgate and added a ruffle on it to go atop my vinyl gingham tablecloths.

Ruffle detail shown here with honeydew and blueberries (as I explained to Coach Hullabaloo who dared to ask why: because it is green and blue! mmkay!) and green bean, onion and walnut salad.

I project runway'd the ruffled burlap while Coach Hullabaloo made our cheddar cornbread in this adorable fleur de lis muffin pan. How cute are these....

Bond Girl brought Nutter Butter Banana Pudding, and y' an earthly being, I could not possibly conceive that Banana Pudding could be freestyled so heavenly! I garnished the top with some dried banana chips and caught a quick snapshot before it disappeared.

I managed to grab a dollop of it after Bond Girl lovingly deposited the naner pudding on the table. I turned around for a second and the naner pudding was gone. Like a vacuum had come by and sucked it all up. To all Banana Pudding aficionados out there in the Greenie Dat Nation or amongst the visitors to my shtetl: Nutter Butter Banana Pudding!

The pumpkins I picked up at Michael's and sliced the stump off the top, added some TU decals and voila, cuteness ensues.

Speaking of cuteness, my homecoming theme, my homecoming theme. It's gonna knock your socks off.....Hide yo wives, Hide yo kids!

So onwards to Homecoming Y'all!

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