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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last of the Mohicans

We were having fun doing some cheers at the game yesterday.

"I screen, YOU screen, We ALL scream for NO SCREEN!" (because, lawd, if Up The Middle weren't enough)

And then we actually had some witty cheers going for our 11 first downs. Preacherman came up with this "Tulane, four lanes, six lanes a highway! Drive! Drive! Drive!"

So funny!

Although the fans around me were ready to burst into flames if they saw another screen pass play. Which was either dropped for an incomplete pass or intercepted for a touchdown.

I think the fans that are left and haven't been chased off just yet (because despite the prayer chain at Wilson Center, I am not going away) should fly airplane banners around the Superdome for Homecoming. Lighten up the mood a little, "PLEASE PLAY 11 MEN EVERY DOWN" "WE WILL NOT GO ACROSS THE STREET"

or something to this effect. Funny? No? okay, just an idea. I don't say that all my ideas are good.

Anyways, I finally debriefed Caoch Hullabaloo over Jewish Coonasses at Brunch this morning about his evening of sideline reporting for Hullabaloo Huddle. In an un-official, unpaid, capacity of course. The jury is still out if he has the fortitude to be extended an internship opportunity here.

When I finally got into the stadium yesterday, I decided I would watch the game from the stands. We had sideline passes, but the stupid student section was all riled up, we were in unforgiving path of the afternoon sun, and there was nowhere to manuever down there. So I let Coach Hullabaloo play on the sidelines without me so I could sit and chat with friends in the stands.

Coach Hullabaloo feels that all is not lost - we needn't slit our wrists just yet. There are indeed players who are playing their hearts out and he sees a glimmer of hope for improvement.

We were both in agreement about the disarray of play calling, players clearly unsure about their assignments, our aggravating stack of delay of game penalties (to the point that the fans in the stands started shouting vocal countdowns 10! 9! 8! 7 6! ..etc), and this business of 10 men on the field for 7 friggin' plays. None of us at Tulane were expecting a coaching staff that needed on the job training, and so these elements of sloppy skippering have us most disconcerted.

But what had me literally rolling in laughter today was Coach Hullabaloo who did a live reenactment of Justin Shackleford catching the long bomb for our touch down drive.

For that particular drive, Coach Hullabaloo happened to move to the other side of the benches anticipating that we would finally, thankfully, GO LONG. and Miracle of miracles, we did. So Coach Hullabaloo was actually facing #80 when the ball came sailing into his bucket.

pictures from Parker Waters are here. They are really good. He's an awesome photog.

Coach Hullabaloo recounted how the ball actually traveled down to about Shackleford's waist before he pulled it back up again towards his chest and that the look on his face at the precise instant of contact with the ball was a mixture of shock, surprise and panic. As if saying "OMG, Tulane has completed a Pass! There's Nothing But Green Space in front of US. and We're not fixing to get buried in a gang tackle!"

Coach Hullabaloo wishes he had commandered Parker's camera for that one, because he said it was such a funny reaction that he'll never forget it in his life. It lasted all of about a second, because then Shackleford turned on his jets and headed for the pylon. Hoo-ray!

So how cute is this dress?

Too cute right? The lady who made it does not have an etsy store, or a website, but she does have an email and phone, so if you wish to get her contact info, drop me a line below.

One of my better memories form yesterday was enjoying having the band at the away game so that we could have some for real college football team moments like singing the fight song and then swaying to the alma mater after the game.

So now my chickens, I'm all just about Over It. Given myself a good 24 hours to decompress. I gotta drag Coach Hullabaloo out to get me a Fleur de Lis Waffle Maker for tailgating next week. Although Booty made me laugh this morning that I should update my centerpiece for SMU to include 50 one dollar bills (with a thong - that was my idea). Who knew?! Methodist Football Players are into stiffing hookers. Ha Ha!

Onwards to SMU!

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