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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bataan Rouge Death March

Good gravy. Mrs. Hullabaloo kept an exasperated Coach Hullabaloo up until almost midnite making costume decisions for our first away trip of the season.

Who knew one of the perils of having a closet bursting with gameday options would lead to indecisions of this magnitude! and Coach Hullabaloo being ever more aggravating by responding noncomittaly "yeah...that one is cute too, can we go to sleep now." Lollipops have mercy, which one is cute-est?! Because it is e-ssential that at least I look the part of a spirited fan. While being lead to slaughter and humiliation.

Much like Marie Antoinette packing before headed to the guillotine.

Although pictured, out are the boots, which I love so. It's going to be high 80's in Lafayette. Better to debut them at the SMU game next weekend in the Superdome. The sandals, I explained to Coach Hullabaloo, are a gameday decision. No, I don't necessarily need 3 pairs of shoes for 2 days. But better to have options than to be sorry. If Tulane can't manage the logistics of bringing Riptide to home games or much less to games within 2 hours driving distance, then I'll make up for it by having cute shoes.

Anyways, as you can see, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo are completely in the throes of packing. Last week we were advised that the trip (we are traveling with the team for this one, can you believe they are letting me?) would be making a layover in Bataan Rouge for the night and then continue on to Lafayette the day of the game. I was tempted to stay home.

Who wants to go to Bataan Rouge? So the team shall be staying in the outhouse prior to our lynching appointment in Lafayette. Yes.

Waveprofessora mentioned that they, too, were gluttons for punishment and going to watch the Cajuns slay the Wave. She added that Tulane would need a miracle. I'll say. Last week on ULM's opening drive, the wide receiver dropped a perfect pass and Peggy joked that Jesus was our 12th Man. Ha! This weekend we need a raging outbreak of scabies to befall the first through third string of the Cajuns' roster. In addition to a locust pestilence to swarm Lafayette rendering the city uninhabitable between the hours of 4pm and midnite. Forcing the reschedule of the game for a later date to conveniently fall under the regime of a new and improved Athletic Director Administration.

Anyways, one of my favorite things about using Tulane Away Games as an excuse to travel (since I haven't figured out how to pack Riptide myself since it's such a hassle for the Athletic Departmen to do so) is compiling a personal list of dining, shopping and sightseeing recommendations. I love, love, love Suzy Gershman's books, but until Tulane follows Notre Dame's lead of commiting to funding and running a team that attracts the loyal support of our national alumni base, I don't see us successfully booking games in exciting locations like Ireland or whatnot where Suzy's guides would come in handy. Although Coach Hullabaloo and I would love to schedule another round of Humiliation in Hawaii if TPTB finds it in their hearts to throw Tulane fans a bone and at least give us pleasant surroundings for our weekly ass-kickings.

So anyways, I've been compiling suggestions on my own to endure our dreary travel to the remote and barren locations of our bottom ranked conference. Oh, Tulsa? Ok, you must go to El Elote or the Polo Grill. El Paso? The Greenery. Birmingham? Jim N Nicks!

These tips have come in quite handy. If you are stuck in say, Hot Springs, Arkansas like Mr. and Mrs. Preacherman were, and I was able to guide them to Central Park Fusion. Which has been a recommendation they have graciously thanked me for on multiple occassions since their trip.

Anyways, so for Bataan Rouge, we have reservations at Maison Lacour, which is alleged to be a very good authentic French Bistro. And let me tell you: quelle relief that I found it! Did you really think that Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo would go to TJ Ribs to admire the pawned Heisman?

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