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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Hip Replacement

Our last game against The Ponies, just like our last game against the Horned Toads....A WIN! It's our signature way to bid adieu: "Au Revoir! Have Fun in Your New Conference! Remember Us!"

While I did a major booty shake and I plan to put my new cute Roll Wave pin on my pyjamas for sweet dreams, TPTB better not be thinking that this now excuses them from continuing to mail it in. Although Rick Dickson is probably currently on his knees doing a Tim Tebow at Marie Laveau's tomb in complete relief that his Dreidel Talk on the 16th will be slightly less contentious.

Anyways, another complete winner today was our tailgate which was awesome.

I simply cannot take complete credit for such cuteness. I got inspiration from Oh My Goodness Gracious. and Coach Hullabaloo slaved over my new fleur de lis waffle maker while I fussed at him that we were running late. (so thank you Coach Hullabaloo for putting up with my obsessions)

The drink comes from Helen Gurley Brown! Yes! Im reading the book that launched her to fame and it was her signature brunch beverage. Take 6 coffee cups and boil down to one cup, then mix with a quart of vanilla ice cream and half to full fifth (depending on your tolerance!) of liquor of your choice. I used Bourbon. Sprinkle the top of each drink with ground nutmeg. And then warn your guests, girl!

One of the funniest things from the game was that when we had a clear lead, I was sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Circe and I started calling the plays. It was quelle hilarious. SMU was fixin to kick another Field Goal and I started cheering "Block That Kick! Block That Kick!" and then we did! And so our next posession I swept my arm up and over and pointed to our endzone and yelled "Go Long!" and then we did! One of our neighbors in the section asked me what the powerball numbers were going to be tonight. I'm so sure! ha ha!

With these play predictions, I joked with Circe that next game I would make myself a witch's hat and a Greenwave colored broom (Wilson Center would so love that, you know, that I actually do have a witch's broom).

So anyways, your happy final

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