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Monday, October 22, 2012

Meanwhile Back at The Hullabaloo Ranch

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with my discussion below, other than double dipping this post as a tutorial on the making of homecoming mums.

Sad weekend for Mrs. Hullabaloo. Try as I might, we could not make a trip to El Paso happen. I am torturing Coach Hullabaloo about it, because I would have loved to have been there.

Although I did have quite a productive weekend. Mrs. Hullabaloo found Pintrest (follow me). and now I have all kinds of cute ideas to set my tailgating ablaze!

I also singlehandedly got us into the SEC. Well, an SEC tailgating blog roll anyways. Hoo-ray for Gameday Belles!

So two things about our game v. UTEP, well, three.

Yes, it was a good game. Coach Hullabaloo made us Frito Pie, another Texas Treat, in honor of playing the miners. Which - y'all - this meal is soooo not recommended for nail biter games, y'all. I literally wanted to just have a heart attack already and be done with it. But overall, I just have to say: it is quite a quandry which is better: getting a complete shellacking and digesting a proper meal, or outright dropping a winnable game and feeling ill.

A Loss is A Loss says I. and while the team is losing better, I want a WIN dernit. TPTB better not be thinking we can just hang our hat on a couple of wins and some moral victories to placate us. My tailgating parties deserve it afterall! I take no prisoners in crafting our weekly tailgating parties and show no mercy to Coach Hullabaloo's bank account.

My other two points I wanted to make was, What in Tarnation are We Gonna Do When Ryan Griffin Graduates? Jesus, Joseph and Mary, pray for us.

and lastly: why was Erleens Darka not given the ball to help us pound into the endzone or give us a first down after that 4th Q fumble recovery?

alas...UAB is up next and we are doing a BBQ theme tailgate. Dreaming of Mason Jars, Gingham and's gonna be some kind of awesome, I guarantee!

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