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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Chests and Rosters

So last night was the "Tulane Bowl." I say that because the San Diego Chargers played the Chicago Bears in preseason. It was officially the first meeting of Tulane players as adversaries in a while.

Matt Forte v. Jeremy Williams 2010

Matt Forte was drafted to Chicago in the 3rd round and had an amazing rookie season. While he played at Tulane I used to scream "Give it to Forte!" Providing my sideline calls out to the coaching staff and telepathically indoctrinating them with "Thou Shall Not Deviate From This Play." ha!

Jeremy Williams went undrafted (quelle bull, non?) and is a free agent with San Diego. Jeremy is also being heralded as "the most impressive undrafted free agent of this year's crop" by the North County Times of San Diego. He is currently being tapped to be the #4 WR on the Chargers' Roster.

Mrs. Hullabaloo watched the NFL combines to see what Jeremy would be up against. (whoever spends their free time watching the combines is a serious diehard, for real. If I weren't for Jeremy, even I, superfreakfanatic, would have passed.) Golden Tate looked riduculouso in those silly gold spanks and chainlink fence necklace thing he had going on and couldn't catch a ball if it were handed to him and placed directly in his hands. Jeremy caught every pass sent his way. His hands were measured at the combine and they span 10 inches (!). So I was completely peturbed when he was shafted in the draft.

It is very important for me to know the team roster, so I usually hang on to the roster handed out at the spring scrimmage and keep it in the car. So that I can memorize and quiz Coach Hullabaloo over the summer during Road Trips and such. Well, I quiz, Coach Hullabaloo says something silly, I fuss at him to take me seriously and then I go back to calling out the roster. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. all the way to our final destination. If I stick with it, we are completely prepped in time for Football Season. Defensive Line for $200, Alex!

So while we were on vacay, a member of Tulane Nation posted on one of our forums that the Winn Dixie at Tchoup and Jefferson had Tulane foam ice chests on sale for $3.

I was able to enlist the help of friends due to my absence from New Orleans and managed to score an ice chest - hullabaloo, ray, ray!

and then I ran across this new website, Holy Turf, which claims to explore the "Passion of College Big 12/Sec Football." Despite the narrow nature of their site, one of the fabulous ideas they had was putting the team roster on the ice chest - offense in one color and defense in another. Team Captains are starred with an asterisk.

Loved the idea so much, I'm sharing it with you for Tulane Tailgating season.

Roll Wave Compadres!

P.S. Peggy found a wonderful new drink for tailgating season:


Pimm's Cup with Ginger Ale and get this, a slice of cucumber. Pimm's Cup is a fruit liquor. The one currently produced by Pimm's is a gin. But Pimm's has made different types (vodka, whiskey, rum). Either way, it's a totally new orleans type of drink. Thanks Peggy!

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