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Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Yes We Did

Just a short post today. This is a belated post about the Tulane Golf Classic Tourney where we brought our fabulousness out to English Turn. And yes, these adorable serving cups were donated by Mrs. Hullabaloo. Thank you, Parker Waters, for capturing them so beautifully!

So they separated us this year. (!) Keep us out of trouble I think. Well, semi-out of trouble anyways. We still managed to get our hands on a golf cart and drive around to all of the drink and food stations to barter New Orleans-style. (Okay, I have 2 of this, give me one of that).

So 2 of us stood watch over the Bread Pudding station, and 2 of us handled the Crawfish Monica station. Which our Crawfish Monica station became the Bloody Mary station and Vodka+7 station when the bloody mary bar by the clubhouse was wrapped up and they brought the leftover Zing Zang mix and vodka to our tent.

Superior Grill kept a margarita station running by the tee-practice area and I can attest that they were delish. Greenbackers grilled sausages and Ray Hester did their famous Jambalaya. It made for great bartering. I brought a grilled sausage sandwich back to Coach Hullabaloo and he attested that they were better than the ones we bought at Terranovas (which are really awesome) for Tulane Homecoming last year. The Greenbackers' sausages hailed from Rouse's.

We haven't tried the Crescent City Sausage Company ones at Turchin yet cause Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo have been complete slackers this baseball season. What kind of fans are we? For real!

Anyways, Peggy and I took this photo with Mewelde Moore (in our cute aprons). Who I might add did not have his Super Bowl ring on.

He told us he had hoped to have 2 of them, but alas he just has one. So the one ring is locked up in safe deposit.

The day was a lot of fun, I always enjoy the Tulane Golf Classic. Also got to bid on the ballboy/girl for the opening game against Southeastern for Greenwave football season. Too cute. We hope to give it away as a gift to a worthy friend. Ha!

Enjoy spring y'all!

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