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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nifty New Plunger

This story is hilarious.

Frank, a member of the Tulane Greenwave Nation, ran across an ebay auction for the Skull of Mike IV back before Katrina. When we had a more carefree sense of humor (we are slowly getting back to that).

Mike IV I guess would be great-grandfather of the current Mike. I cannot speak with authority on that lineage since I don't keep count or detailed data on goings on in Baton Rouge. I much prefer talking about them behind their backs. and making fun of them.

Because... as I told one of Mr. Hullabaloo's friends, MJ, who lives and breaths by what happens in Baton Rouge and ACTUALLY called me at my office, interrupted my very busy career, to notify me of an appearance in some chicken finger bowl or whatever it was: "but MJ, they're such an easy school to make fun of." Isn't that the truth!

Frank apparently even made a cameo with the Skull of Mike to the Ole Miss-LSU football game a few years ago. Replete with appearance schedule and all. Put a baseball cap on him. The Skull even has a bowling bag it travels in.

So yesterday was the baseball game against LSU. and of course our very own Nadine had to make an appearance. She made a splash.

Leaving the game, we were inspired to lead the crowd on the ramp in several rounds of "GREEN! WAVE!" and a finale "HULLABALOO!" Mr. Peggy kept saying "oh, gaoooh tigaaaas!" like a sissy to all the LSU fans. We were imature. It was great.

In the parking lot, Mr. Hullabaloo offered photographs with Nadine for $5. We had no takers.

Actually we had one taker. Peggy spent much care making sure that Nadine was captured from the perfect angle by this young professional photographer (he had a case, several lenses draped around his neck and all). When he walked away we noticed he had an LSU sweatshirt tied around his behind. Hilarious!

Anyways, cheers, from the Times Picayune we can enjoy these photographs for posterity.



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