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Friday, November 5, 2010

Deliverance is Coming to Town

Yes, this is the Oregon Duck and has nothing really to do with Tulane at all except that he is my favorite college mascot of all time. Especially for the episode caught in this photograph of having his way with the Cooter. Anytime we can bring the Cooters down a few notches is worth noting in my opinion. Did you know that UH actually got o-ffended and wrote a letter? I'm sure that was a group scribbling activity. I mean like they know how to write? But more shocking and funny is that they were offended. Well, I'll be. The Crass Cooters actually have the nerve to look at that duck sideways and complain. The full video is below. Sooooo funny!

Everybody raise your hand if you've ever wanted to see Riptide do the same! Hell to the yeah!

Well, I hate to tell you! I have just been stumped on what to write about to y'all on this pre-game post. I know, Coach Hullabaloo is just shocked, simply shocked that I a) don't have an opinion on something and b) have nothing to say.

So I tried to go hunting for USM jokes out on the webs to share with you. And well, that well's kinda dry. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Kinda seems like they're irrelevant in Mississippi or something.

So they only "jokes" I really ran across was that everybody asking why they use The Iowa Hawkeye logo. That is an excellent question that needs to be gotten to the bottom of. I'll need to annoy the Mustard Buzzards with that. and maybe also annoyingly ask them "Hey, where exactly is USM?" and then follow up with "Where?" or "Hey! Nice tooth ya got there!"

I did find this one joke that was somewhat humorous and very unlady-like. But since we at Tulane have had to endure away games in Starkvegas and Hattiesvegas where a big night out is at the Country Buffet - emphasis on "big" - I admit I did chuckle at this joke. So here it is presented to you.
What's the difference between MSU and USM?
At MSU they raise livestock, at USM they get emotionally involved....
Ohhhh noooo.....(!)

Okay, so here it is the Duck bringing it. and LOL on the shimmy - and what about the one Cooter Cheerfollower just standing there and watching?

Happy Pre-game day!

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