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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Den of Iniquity

So I dragged Coach Hullabaloo all the way out to Kennah, bra.

Since UCF is our opponent this week and they are in somewhat proximity to one of our favorite cities (Miami! Home to our SUPERBOWL!), our tailgating menu is lucious latin. Unfortunately I just do not have the time to roast a Lechon (a cuban cochon du laît) to make Cuban sandwiches for tailgating. So off to the famous Norma's we went to taste test and, if tailgate-worthy, place an order for Saturday.

Of course it's a Honduran bakery that is famous for their Cuban sandwiches, but whatever. They barely speak english, so that's authentic enough for me and they were delicioso.

Coach Hullabaloo approved, but said that while they were not "Miami-worthy," they were excellent for New Orleans. Note, he did not say "Orlando-worthy," but Miami-worthy. Since apparently the trend is that Dens of Iniquity tend to have better food. All of that immorality and temptation just hanging out on the streets everywhere, crosses over into seriously sinful food eatin'.

That must be why fans are just so rabid and ugly at UCF. No seriously good eatin' amidst all that boringness and empty subdivisions. I might go a little Phaedra Parks on ya and even accuse them of only eating canned food. That angst and hunger must leave UCF'ers just wanting to lash out.

(ooop! ooop! wait, I hear that there are tawdry strip clubs on international drive....)

Anyways, while we were admiring the deliciousness of the sandwiches, guava pastelitos and tres leches at Norma's we noticed they had this wonderful poster on the wall.

We just knew that this was culinary Beshert for Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo!

So Roll Wave y'all!

P.S. Dear Sad Little UCF'ers: Just because we have a beautiful decaying city in New Orleans, does not excuse your fans from behaving like they were raised in a barn. You may not come to my blog and criticize my wonderful city just because you have trashy fans. Well, maybe you were raised in a barn, but clearly you are just jealous. Using cities is a lame excuse! So anyways, thanks for stopping by! Have fun with your post or pre-game at Oz on Bourbon!

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