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Sunday, November 14, 2010

They's Just Trash

Yes. I'm talking about you UCF. Low. Rent.

(and I speak with authority because I was there last season. UCF totally deserves the Sports Illustrated poll as the rudest in the NCAA)

From your "I'm a UCF B*tch" tee shirts the co-eds wear, to urinating on visiting fans, to posting opponent QB phone numbers, and a cowardly inability to face a silly school exam like a man [soooo weak!]...

Here I thought that only LSU fans had the monopoly on issuing death threats to opponent player's parents. Silly me!

It's just such a telling anecdote when the only time UCF is mentioned in the national news is scandal related. Such as wide-spread undergraduate cheating (we were just shocked, simply shocked...if you could see me, I am so rolling my eyes) and Reality show starletts who raid their war deployed ex-husbands' bank accounts to pay for breast augmentation.

I could go on and on about former players being caught in aggravated robbery at gunpoint, coaches being dismissed for sexual assault, etc., etc., etc. This can all be easily googled.

I posted about the "Town and Gowns" a few months ago. I still chuckle about that, cause these women take their silly job so seriously. I guess they have to, look at what cards they're dealt.

OMG on the Town and Gown I met last season. Poor woman struggled to offer a positive spin after I had to leave the sidelines because UCF cops are so useless. The guy was just chill, picking his teeth while all around him everyone screamed profanity and generally acted the part of a garden variety ignorant UCF fan. She actually thought I was going to be appeased because she went and "took the incident straight to the UCF President." Wonderful News! I'm sure he'll add that one to the stack and give it his most careful attention. ha!

I so hate to break it to the Town and Gowns that women like Vienna Girardi and those "I'm a UCF B*tch" tee-shirt club members do more to set the tone over there than their sad little welcome wagon club.

Speaking of Vienna, poll: was she named after the city or the sausage? Me thinks the latter....

So now that you know exactly how I feel about UCF, ummmm, Roll Wave! Hopefully I'll have a cheerier topic in a day or two to share with you.

p.s. I just had to get this off my chest, as there is just simply nothing funny or humorous about these people. They's just pitiful and I can't wait until another conference will have them.


  1. Wow, and so you're bashing an entire 56K+ student population, alumni and fan base on your experience with a handful of idiot in the low-rent seats? Classy. And, of course, this is coming from the fan of a college in a city whose tourist center contains numerous storefronts hawking sex toys, young teens walking around openly drinking alcohol, people throwing up and unrinating in the streets, pick-pockets and scammers running up uninvited to shine your shoes or "wash" your windshield then demanding payment.... but I digress.

    Actually, UCF was in the news recently as one of only six universities in the country with both high athletic AND academic achievement. There have also been a number of other articles on very positive topics, but of course they don't make the BIG news because people usually only seek out the "dirty laundry." UCF gets a lot of nice comments on their sports message board from opposing fans who had a great experience when attending a UCF game on campus or who interacted and had a very positive experience with UCF fans who traveled to an away game.

    With a school the size of UCF, or with any comparable-sized general population, you'll find negativity if that is what you seek. You'll also find a lot of goodness, but it won't make the news as much and those who look for the bad stuff aren't usually out to find the good stuff or pass it on to others when they do.

    I suggest you try to interact with the UCF fans that travel to New Orleans for this weekend's game. I think you'll find that the vast majority of them are very nice people.

  2. whatever, go stick your head in the sand.

    Your Fans Are Rude and Trashy. <--fact

    P.S. Thanks for the props on the French Quarter - Have fun this weekend!

  3. TOP 25, HOW BOUT YOU GUYS?????????

    Keep out of Orlando if you can't take the heat

  4. UCF "Fan" No Orlando? Is that your lame attempt at a dare?

    I promise, that I will do my best to continue avoiding Orlando. It's just SO hard to NOT continue to avoid Orlando. I've been keeping out of Orlando for all of about 40 years.

    Newsflash: Orlando sucks. and UCF Fans are still trashy. I promise to avoid both. Thank you.