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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shopping Alert

Even after I told myself not to, I couldn’t help myself. It’s a weakness y’all!

Everybody is always amazed at the gear I am able to find. Mrs. Hullabaloo is a seasoned professional. I’m a Texas girl, through and through. Shopping big and football are what we are genetically meant to do. It's in our DNA.

My partner in crime, Nell (from Texas), is just as bad as me. She always finds the cutest things and we swap methods on how to spend more of our husbands’ money on cute Tulane stuff. It makes them work harder. We are so excited to get to New York for the Rutgers game and sprout horns in Manhattan.

Right now, greenie gals, is the time to buy. After fourth of July, all of the picnic acrylic-type stuff is reduced and you can find you some great deals and not have to lie to your husband about it or keep the bags in your trunk until he's not looking.

These beverage containers were $7 at World Market. (Love me some World Market, they have the best wine selection, the best condiments and dry groceries, their Italian Sodas are wonderful). So now I have clear, blue, and green containers for any combination of tablescape I decide on.

This ice bucket for proper cocktail preparation was $5 at Big Lots. I added a car decal for instant personalization.

A beverage container and ice bucket are essential for my favorite tailgate and carnival parade adult beverage. I need to underline “adult” in adult beverage. If you make this at your next outdoor event: Please. Use lots of ice. or fun could quickly turn to tragedy.

This beverage recipe is by far my most requested by all of our tailgating guests. Coach Hullabaloo imported it from his college (which I have to say is the craziest campus of peoples) and has shared it with our Greenwave Nation. We Salute Coach Hullabaloo for introducing us to this fine concoction.

(the real name is “Skip and Go Naked” but that is just unclassy)
1 can of frozen Limeade concentrate (12oz)
12 oz vodka (a fifth of vodka is 25 oz, so this would be half)
24 oz of beer (or 2 regular cans)
bag of ice

Fill up your container with ice and then add your ingredients. Let it sit for a second, give everything a swirl and then serve over ice in your cute stadium cups. Refreshing and delicious!

Some also call this recipe a “beer margarita.” Whatever you want to call it, it is GOOD. It’s a perfect blend for when you don’t want to feel all full from beer and you don’t want to get away from yourself on a hard cocktail. One thing we are taught in the South, ladies, do not over do it and make a fool of yourself. and always drink out of a glass.

Groceries also sell mini cans of frozen limeade, which works wonderfully when you are at an away game and just need a personal-sized portion of gameday lemonade. You’ll need just one can of beer and then the smaller “split” size of vodka.

The Tulane Bookstore is on a more regular rotation on Mrs. Hullabaloo shopping itinerary. They usually have cuter women’s shirts and accessories than the team shop at the Wilson Center. Although whoever the buyer is for the Tulane Bookstore has this method of buying only limited quantities of the cute stuff and then tons of the not so cute stuff.

The bookstore had these adorable tankdresses which should be cute on gameday for the underclassmen girls. So I picked up the cute rhinestone shirt and cap from the same collection.

The shirt is going to become a fabulous gameday dress. Can’t wait to post pictures of that.

I also discovered Nicole who has this adorable serengeti patterned fleur de lis and has embroidered it on a precious jersey sundress I picked up at Target ($15 y’all).

Sunday, August 22nd is the “official” green+white scrimmage, Fan Day is Wednesday, August 25th and the first official Gameday is September 2nd.

40 days ‘til football season!

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