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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Football Tablescaping

Last weekend Miss Peggy and I attending a local jewelry show. Small, but we found some great things to add to our tailgating menu. Some pre-mixed dip packets and this garlic pepper jelly that is a favorite of Rachel Ray. It was yum-O.

One of our not so favorite things were these standing ashtrays that were customized for .... drum roll please .... LSU fans. ha! These mail box-looking things were personalized to say "LSU Smoke Pot" as in a vessel for smoke ashes, to be used by LSU fans. Yes, fellow tailgaters and sports fans, you truly can have it all. I can safely say I was not jealous.

Now, on the other end of the specturm of cuteness, I ran across these cute football party ideas from Kari in Texas. With her permission I am sharing them with all you Tulane Tailgating fans, who appreciate "fabulous."

love these ref koozies doubling as vases!

I can't wait to use mini webers as centerpieces.

And how creative using the mini foam footballs for filler, thank you Kari for the inspiration! We love it!!!!

Very Hullabaloo Huddle-worthy...

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  1. I love the mini footballs. I am looking at the perfect glass cylinder to display them in. We'll have to make a special effort to catch a bunch at the first game so we have them readily available for Homecoming.