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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wide Right!!!

We in New Orleans are Fashionably Prepared for all Weather Eventualities....

Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo...a glorious weekend in New York

Jeremy Williams running his tail off to the goal line...

One official throws a flag (see bottom right corner by the goal post), but we're playing at the Cheater Bowl, so it gets picked up. Never Mind! No penalty on Army. They are Perfect in Every Way.

Except when #19 shanks one WIDE RIGHT!!!! Can't do nothing about that refs: Take That!
Game Over...ha ha!

Hullabaloo ray ray!

and this one belongs to the WAVE!

Graf's play-by-play on the missed field goal by Army will forever go down in history as THE classic Tulane Football moment.

Transcript follows:

Graf: "All we go again...Kolin Walk is gonna hold. Carson Homme is gonna snap it. 37 yards, right in the middle of the field, folks. If he makes it, we lose. If he misses, we win....Snap back. Spot down. Kick is away....[crowd roars] and...IT'S NO GOOD! HE WENT WIDE RIGHT! HE WENT WIDE RIGHT!! IT IS NO GOOD! IT IS NO GOOD! TULANE IS GONNA WIN THIS GAME! YEAH BABY!

Barrios: oh my.

Graf: Exorcise the Demons Baby! IT IS NO GOOD!

Barrios: one for the good guys.

Graf: OH BABY! That's all I can say! That Thing Never Had a Chance! I don't believe it! I don't! oooh!

Barrios: [more mumbling]

Graf: Victory formation, Kemp. Take a Knee! Take a Knee! 4-3-2-1! THIS ONE BELONGS TO THE WAVE! FIRE THAT CANNON OFF! Joe Kemp is on his knees in elation at the 13 yard line. He cannot believe it. Who would believe it? How many have gone against us folks? What a comeback by the Tulane Greenwave! Your final score: Tulane 17, Army 16. We are knotted up at 2 wins, 2 losses as we head to homecoming next week. Does that sound familiar? Army, I tell you, we say we know how they feel is an u nderstatement. But, Oh Well. Army drops to 2 and 3. Steve? I'm fired up right now!

Barrios: [mumbling]

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