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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yes I do.

and anybody who doesn't is unAmerican.

Some football fans have Fantasy Football to get their minds right for Football season. I don't begrudge you Fantasy Ballers. I can visit your world and hang. But there's just no way around it: Tailgating+Football is e-ssential. and Tent Chandeliers are de riguer (My new chandelier arrived yesterday and I am SO excited!).

I don't understand those who claim that color coordinated table linens and proper serving trays for hostessing a Tulane Tailgate is a "waste of time" and impedes their enjoyment of Football. Eu nao fallam sua lingua. I couldn't hang in your world. I'm a bride who registered for silver and fine china. I also have "in between" china for when the everyday china is too casual. Cute tailgating accutrements are, therefor, essential to properly ritualizing the Football Gods. I don't understand people who say having proper china is "impractical." It's impractical in my opinion to eat like slobs.

Plus it's my civic responsibility to educate my fellow Tulane alumni about the intricasies of this past time. Archangel Raphael appeared to me in a dream and said "Mrs. Hullabaloo go forth and celebrate. Dare to flaunt an open flame in front of Dome security. It is your destiny."

and I have obliged.

Plus these tablescapes are just too cute to not copy.

After Southeastern and Tulsa, we go on the road and here are links to sign up for Tailgating in Birmingham, Duke and Army (kill me now).

Birmingham Tailgating (click for link) is $30 for over 21 adults and $20 for chirrens and kids. Location is TBA, but don't worry Mrs. Hullabaloo will be on top of it.

Duke Tailgating (click for link) is $40 for tailgating buffet (fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs, sodas, and Abita suds). Location is also TBA.

Army Tailgating (Kill me now) is $35 for a tailgating buffet (fried chicken, brat sandwiches, and a nice bar with wine and beer). Tulane is also offering a round trip bus from the Cornell club for $35pp. Tulane tailgating is on the "Marching Field" - which just looks like a big soccer field if you ask me. It's at the base of the mountain where their decrepit stadium sits precariously perched over the Hudson. If you come in the main gate - there's the one big patch of land that is flat and there's the one big parking lot. (No, I am not a fan of Army. Get over it.)

So despite ruining my mind thinking about Army, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were able to make the Fan Day festivities yesterday and properly welcome the ushering in of Tailgating and Football season: SQUEAL!

Sweet Baby Jesus was fabulous and the smoke from the Bayou Sauvage fires shifted with the winds and cleared up for a wonderfully scorching evening out on the Westfeldt turf. They had sno cones, Pita Pit, Domino's and a DJ. The players were available to sign posters.

I cut in line (my Town Daughter, Chickadee, was in line for me. Kinda like how it happens at Galatoire's) and got the players to sign my posters. I was cracking up Chickadee bantering with the players. One of them didn't believe me that I knew their mother. Like I'm full of crap or something.

I asked that the players sign my posters "To Mrs. Hullabaloo", which they did.

Dezman Moses was the best sport in dedicating his signature to "Mrs. Hullabaloo." I loved it. (thank you for humoring this crazy lady)

I even instructed Orleans Darkwa how to pose. and he obliged. See.

We also got to chat with one of the freshman players from St. Aug who said that he would be happy if we went 10-3, like that would be sufficient enough for him. LMAO. He has no idea that New Orleans would just about break away off into the Gulf due to the celebrations a record like that would cause in the city.

Anyways thank you Greenies for a fun evening! Now go out and hang a W on the Ham-land Lions!

Roll Wave!


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