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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey Hockey

Word. Tulane has a Division 3 Ice Hockey team. My next project! Squeal!

I just love, LOVE hockey. Well, in theory I love hockey. I don't like follow it professionally so don't call me out for being completely deficient in the hockey knowledge department.

I just heart trash talking, aggressive beat downs. So Hockey fits the New Orleans nature to a "T."

Coach and I used to geaux to the New Orleans Brass games when they occupied the New Orleans Arena. With all this dreariness of the NBA lockout I wish that they had just left the Brass alone. Much more fun, and the only drama was the performance on the court. It was awesome.

So I am rounding up a possee to hit the road to Decatur, Alabama for the last weekend in January to catch Tulane "Stick It" to Mississippi State.

Decatur appears to be near Huntsville, Alabama, so I shall double dip the trip and stop by Jim N Nick's Barbeque in Birmingham (sooo good!). Men's basketball is away that weekend, Women's basketball is off, so it's totally a win-win.

If you would like to support some smashmouth hockey - check em out here.


  1. Word to the tailgating wise. Tulane is giving some of us youngsters permission to start tailgating basketball games (beer n all). We'd love it if some of you classy folk did as well! Friday games = the plan for now. We're in the final negotations now. I'll keep you informed!

  2. cool - where is the tailgating happening? in the lots by the library?

  3. Even better. We're PLANNING on doing it right in front of Fogelman on McAlister!! Waiting for the A-Okay from one last higher up.