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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Third Q Mo

This Wave Momma was a trip! She got up and started hollering "Trent! Bring Me That Ball!" or "Come on Defense!! Give Me Seven!!!!"

And then Dominique Robertson got that very exciting fumble touchdown! Which started our Third Quarter Mo. So we have Wave Momma here to thank.

One of the gems she quipped was to Ryan Griffin: "The Pocket Is NOT Your Friend!"

To all our unsportsmanlike penalties, she started screaming: "That's all right! We'll take that flag! You ain't seen unsportsmanlike! It shows some passion! Shows that you care! Hell I wish I had a flag!"


So my regrets:

I do regret that this transformation hadn't taken place during the first half, because then it woulda been a different game.

I also regret that the Refs spotted SMU a touchdown, the guy was clearly out at the 1 yard line.

I regret that Big Mike and the Greenbackers weren't there to properly orchestrate The Hullabaloo, because the cheerleaders, adorable as they are, somehow got lost and neglected the leading part of cheerleading. And I seriously had to straighten them out when some of them dared to think out loud at tailgating about rooting for not Alabama. If I had been wearing pearls I woulda clutched them.

Tulane cheerleaders. Talking openly. About rooting for not Alabama. In Mrs. Hullabaloo's opinion: It was very unfortunate. (and one word about The Game Of The Century. Quelle Lame-ness, ok, well two words. But it was in one word: Lame).

And then my final regret: when Coach and I were wandering around trying to locate the Tulane tailgating which had been banished to the opposite side of campus, we ran across some tres "colorful," shall we say, boulevarding happening on the SMU boulevard. and I regret not having snapped a few shots of what we saw.

Firsties: some of the SMU cheerleaders (thank you sweet baby jesus this doesn't happen with us) were smoking cigarettes with their non-cheerleader peeps. Yes. In uniform. Well, not completely in uniform - their hair and make-up was did and they had the skirts on, but white t-shirts on. So I don't know if they were off duty or what, but the big obnoxious hair bows, skirts and cheerleading sneakers with the little socks it is quite obvious they weren't just the garden variety trashy boulevard'ers we encoutered.

And then apparently the theme of the SMU Boulevarding this weekend was to turn it into Bourbon Street, cause we saw some of the SMU co-ed's wearing those Beer helmet thingies. You know the those helmets that have can holders and there's straws that loop down to your face? Yes, soo classy! Very "Park Cities" ...but wait! there's more. This genius contraption allowed them to carry yard-sized hurricane glasses.

Oh how I wished I had captured these moments for posterity. Because while, I am far from one to look at co-ed's sideways for having a good time, I am ever thankful that our NY and Southern ladies at Tulane have decided to pass on this apparent SMU fashion trend of accessorizing with these acutrements. In public. At tailgating.

Anyways, we are weeks away from finding out our coaching destiny and I can't wait for that!

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