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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rice Rice Baby

A1A beachfront avenue! Ok....that doesn't quite work in this scenario, but whatever: Coach Hullabaloo and I are here in Houston with the team in our final mainland game of the Hutson-Toledo era. and Big News: we'll also be in Hawaii next week!

I'm preemptively writing now cuz we fly back today immediately after the game - literally they load us all up on the buses and zip straight to the airport. So I'll do a write up on Sunday since the Saints have a bye (just warning yous in advance cause y'all just race on to the webs and spike up the traffic here like a nano second after the game and I need some time to collect my thoughts).

Well it's a big day here in Houston regardless cause College Gameday is covering the SMU Houston game across town. Tis is a mini reunion of CUSA here in Houston. Hope Tulane brings it and we can therefor piggyback some media to counteract all of Tammy's bull the past few weeks. And all the blah blah about Old Man Keenum and his Cooters (aren't y'all like over it? a 40 year old up for the heisman! just kidding, he's not 40, but dernit I think I was still in college when he started playing).

And listen y'all what I want to counteract most: our woes this season are not cause we don't match up. No ma'am. Cuz after riding elevators with team members, our guys are most definitively "bigger, faster, stronger" (remember that ditty?). I was like WHOAH when I was standing next to them on the elevators. And the funniest thing was the plane ride. We took a Southwest charter and somehow the seating got bungled so instead of ample room allowing 2 to a row, everyone got crammed in side-by-side like sausages. To the flight attendant's credit, they did play our fight song over the speakers to get us riled up.

So it's almost time for kick off, so OccupyRice y'all! Let's finish strong!


  1. Where is the update that was promised?

  2. I'm working on it! I was in full blown gossip cycle Sunday and Monday during The Doberge Conspiracy in Reverse ordeal.