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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tulane Fan Thursdays

ahem. Attention, Miss Scott Cody (of WWL): Just to show you that Coach and Mrs. Hullabalo have ample company as "Passionate" fans, I present to you Miss JC. Of course Miss JC is only a woman and not yet elevated to queen status, like yourself, Miss Cody. Oh, but we can just dare to dream in the meantime.

Anyways, each week I hope to profile a select member of the Greenie Dat Nation. Other Tulane SuperFans, such as myself. I hope all of you enjoy these profiles!

Miss JC, How and When did you know you were a true Tulane Greenwave SuperFan?

"When I attended my first basketball game in Fogelman in 1993. It was the Louisville game - the biggest game of the season - and the crowd was packed into Fogelman and going crazy. The atmosphere was insane! I was a senior in high school and couldn't wait to get to campus and attend all the games!"

What was the #1 most exciting/memorable moment for you as a Tulane SuperFan?

"Beating Rice in Game Three of the 2005 Super Regional at Turchin.. The 2001 Super Regional was special, but 2005 was so dramatic because of the comeback win. It was also special because I knew I'd be on a plane to Omaha in four days for my first trip to the CWS if we won!"

Which is your #1 favorite Tulane student athlete (past or current)?

photo courtesy of Houston Chronicle

Tommy Manzella!

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky outfits/accessories?
"I used to wear the green "Faith" bracelet that the 2005 team wore but I've since retired it :)"

Are there any past Tulane SuperFans that you have admired and thankful you got to know?
"Mr. John McCutchen (aka "attom greenie" on YOGWF). He followed the Green Wave religiously through the internet until he passed away in 2005. He was a character!"

Dearest members of the Greenie Dat Nation: As you can see, you are all "Current and Newsworthy" in the heart of Mrs. Hullabaloo. There is no 24 hour expiration date at Hullabaloo Huddle for your "passion" and I hope we go out there and CRACK THE BAT this weekend against SMU. In the words of another favorite SuperFan: LET'S HARRASS THE HORSIESTM !

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