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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rutgers Video Replay

If you are obsessed like me, you can watch the actual TV replay of the Rutgers game online at Espn3.

-> Click Here to Link to Video <-

Warning: the espn3 broadband sucks during the day, so it's best to watch early in the morning, or it gets hung up the entire time.

You gotta watch it. They show that riveting Kung Fu Fighting performance by the Rutgers dance team. (Add this Kung Fu Fighting deal to the list of "What Were They Thinking?")

And you get to find out that Jonathan Ginsburgh, among his many talents, manages to perform as both himself and Cairo Santos as their names are used interchangeably throughout the game by the announcers. Also that Casey Robottom is from "La-Playce."

But seriously, ESPN did fantastic replays at every angle of the Kemp-DJ-Kemp Touchdown pass, the Brock Sanders catch in triple coverage, Alex Lauricella breaking up the pass to Sanu late in 4th and Alex Wacha's game-saving interception.

To be fair to the announcers, they also give Trent Mackey a lot of air time. Mackey deserved every single second of discussion, he was a beast. They also gave major props to Cody Sparks (yay for Nell!)

So I am allowing us just one more day of basking in post-victory glow. And then, my petit choux, it's time to rip off the bandaid to face the impending dread of playing Army this weekend.

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