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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Cry For Me

So Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were in Argentina last year for the "game of the year" last year when Tulane beat Utep in overtime. excuse: my daddy made me go. Oy! One of his dearest closest friend's offspring was getting married. This had been daddy's friend since God was a boy and since these people had made the trip when Coach Hullabaloo and I tied the knot, he insisted that I had to do the same. No excuse was acceptable and believe me: we. tried.

Of course when I got back, e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y asked where I was, they couldn't believe I wasn't there. Of all the fans to miss this game. yeah, yeah, yeah.

Coach Hullabaloo and I were staying at a dump hotel that had no internet and we were war driving a wireless connection from some cheap person with crappy bandwidth. We paid a zillion dollars online for all access that wasn't working and then thankfully happened upon Channelsurfing - but with our precarious broadband connection, we'd get every other play.

Here's a replay of us huddled over a laptop monitor while putting on tuxedos, gowns and panty hose and such: OMG Jeremy Williams caught the ball! Oh no, the connection is out...10 minutes later...wait, they scored.....10 minutes later....oh we scored.

We left the hotel at halftime, thinking we would be skating in to the church right before the Prince of Denmark March notes were struck on the organ.

But no. This bride apparently decided to chillax and meandered over to the church an hour late. If I could have screamed "YOU MADE ME MISS THE TULANE GAME FOR THIS?!" I totally would have. and really not cared that I had caused a scene.

Yep, I'm that diehard...

ps I think all these photos belonged to Dave Browning. I could be wrong though, so if you claim these photos: please advise and I will give you proper credit.

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