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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Wet T-Shirt Contest Game

First of all, I would like to issue a formal apology to the poor women of Wake Forest whom I maliciously maligned last week for not wearing a proper game day dress.

I was SO wrong and completely out of line.  So very very wrong. The universe is making me humble for pointing fingers and laughing.  Je m'excuse!

I would trade my beloved "Hey Tigers" shirt that I paid $80 bucks for (yes, there's a story) in exchange for your entire school of co-eds in their non-team colored rompers. Because a) they were still cute, and b) at least there you actually had more than an a couple of threads and dental floss masquerading as an article of clothing.

I mean, did you see that on Saturday?

My retinas will never be the same.  Our tailgate krewe sat there with our jaws on the gound expecting to see someone walk by next in pasties and a thong.

What Tulane co-eds thought that they looked like VS. What they actually looked like

Luckily for our eyes and since Gameday is actually family and locals event, the students made their typical cameo for the first half of the first game and then they will bail for the next four years.

Au revoir! See you again in 2018 little greenies!  Can't wait to see what next year's fashion fails will stumble out of The Boot for our viewing pleasure.

So this year's home opener was against a BAND that brought a football team.  The Southern University Human Jukebox was Off. The. Chain.

And the Dancing Dolls!  Oh my goodness! They were ahhhh-mazing! Their gold outfits! Their white gloves!  Their gold headbands!  At the finale of their halftime show when the Human Jukebox played "Do Whatcha Wanna" and the Dancing Dolls second line jam'd with their blue & gold umbrellas! I died.  I just simply died!

And just look at that Tulane "student section" almost empty, missed the entire thing.

One thing we did not miss out on was our tailgating.  Even through that unexpected monsoon lol.  We sat in the tent for the whole thing!

This was before the deluge.

And then this was after. Sort of a hot mess (omg the tablecloth all kinda ways and muddy), but it was the wonderful company and the delicious food that counted. We put down a few of the cardboard trashcans that survived the rain to save us from some of the mud and carried on.

And thank goodness we stayed because without fail, some students came in our tent to try and loot. Our group that was huddled under the tent had evacuated just over to the nearby stairwell during the heavier parts of the monsoon. It was just a few steps away, but the students took that as their cue to invite themselves to our things. Oh hell to the no.

I mean, just last week the national guard had to be practically called upon because they can't lock their apartment doors but it's okay for them to help themselves to other people's property without asking permission or introducing themselves.

Anyways, we had a feast. And if you weren't there, you missed out on Leslie's Crawfish Mac and Cheese, which I think was by far the best thing we have had thus far during the LBC Quad Tailgating Era of Hullabaloo Huddle.  We also made a pretty boss version of Banana Pudding with nutter butters and drizzled dulce de leche (heaven).  And we had pulled pork sandwiches, chicken tenders, watermelon, sweet potato potato salad, and a Kool Aid Drank. Yummm-o. Recipes will be below.

So this is how Coach Bad Ass's first home opener started.  66-21. Yes, indeed.

Way to Geaux Coach Fritz! Whatever we did to deserve you, our prayers all these decades have payed off. Hallelu!

My favorite parts of the game?  Parry Nickerson's pick six.  and Sherman Badie's kick off return for a touchdown.

Actually I loved that all our running backs made their touchdowns.  Josh Rounds, Lazedrick Thompson. Tanzel's fumble recovery!  I would have loved to have seen the big guy take it to the house.

This was the first game we have gotten to kneel out since Toledo's last victory when we beat UAB 49-10.

So next week we'll get to see if we really have this option thing down.  We play Navy who've shellacked us with the option.  And then the following week we'll get to have a crack at embarassing USL so that we can finally put our last two games with them behind us.


Banana Pudding Crack
2 packets of instant Banana Pudding mix
Milk according to the packet instructions
One package of big Nutter Butters
Plus a tub of Nutter Butters minis
Can of Dulce de Leche
Couple handsful of dried bananas, crushed up

Mix the banana pudding packets and set in the fridge. Line the bottom of your dessert tray with the big nutter butters and break them up slightly so that people can scoop easily.  Layer your pudding on top and then sprinkled the mini Nutters all about and sprinkle the crushed dried bananas about as well.  Put the dulce de leche in a zip lock bag and cut a smallish hole and drizzle away.  If you want to be super decadent, you could add a few white chocolate chips on top for good measure. I dusted a smidge of cinnamon on top of everything before packing the tray away to take to tailgating.

Sweet Potato Potato Salad
2-3 sweet taters, peeled and cut in cubes
red bell pepper, choped
half sweet vidalia onion, finely chopped
2-3 stalked of chopped green onion
womp of Mayo
tablespoon orange juice
salt and pepepr

Berl the sweet taters in salted water for about 15 minutes.  Drain and let cool.  Meanwhile mix the veg, the mayo, OJ in your bowl.  Sprinkle cumin and paprika over the taters.  Combine everything.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Sprinkle with dried parsley.

Kool Aid Drank
2 packets of Berry Koolaid
One 750ml bottle of Gin
Half cup of Lime Juice
Cup of sugar
Quart of Water
2 Cans of Ginger Ale

Next week: Navy and Crabcakes!  See you in 7 days my Greenies!

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