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Sunday, September 25, 2016


I see you Mildly Aggravated Bellpeppers!  We beat you ugly, so who cares! Series is now 22-6! p.s. I took these photeauxs from Nola Dave and Parker Waters and Steven Lewis

What! That was so exhausting yesterday (never mind the Corndog's Lost Touchdown lol and the ensuing firings elle eaux elle).  This emotional cycle was totally me from the first to fourth quarter:

When the game started I was blissfully ignorantly and just sashayed on up to Westfeldt all smug and ready for the winning to commence. And then slowly realized that no, things were indeed going to go sideways, and omg Toledo would have called that, and is that really gato negro Rick Dickson on the field, and what OMG a punted ball just hit one of our special teams players on the head, wait wait hold on 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, NINE! THERE'S NINE PLAYERS ON THAT PLAY! what the Facundus is going on! where did the twister mat go!  omg HE DROPPED THE BALL, HE REALLY DROPPED THAT BALL! This Shit Show Continues!

I was so thoroughly aggravated that I left in the middle of the 4th Quarter. I walked a friend to their car on Broadway, wandered around campus, got more aggravated by that stupid loud speaker barking at people incessantly, and then when I realized it was like major overtime situation happening I came back to bite my nails some more for that fourth overtime. Coach Hullabaloo was still right where I left him standing in our section and screaming down at the field. Oh Coach Hullabaloo how I love you so!

When we got that first field goal during the first half of the game, I was so disgusted we couldn't manage a touchdown I didn't hullabaloo.  Yes, I am definitively the most cynical fan ever.  Here I've been dying sick the past two games unable to speak from some monster awful sore throat for two whole games.  Me, of all people! I could not hullabaloo for the Southern game when there was much hullabaloo-ing to be done. It was devastating.  And now here for the USL game I was so peturbed by our performance, it was like when Scelfo punted on 3rd down. I deemed it unhullabaloo-worthy.  0 for 13 in third down conversions!

Anyways, my beloved Greenies pulled out a win and I was much relieved.

Tanzel Smart! Beast!!

Andrew Dirocco! 48 yards where have you been all my life?! Clutch City!

Glen Cuiellette! Comeback Kid!!! We found our passing game finally!


When Richard Allen got that tackle to stop their attempt at 2 point conversion (quintuple overtime, omg) it was hilarious to see the explosion of spirit rain all over Yulman.  I giggled watching Perry Mason with his popcorn megaphone over on the press box side directing chants or whatever he was cheering.  Those students who bolted for their busy sidewalk flailing appointments outside of the Boot missed out on an EPIC celebration.  Years from now when fans talk about the almost quintuple overtime, they'll all be like well you must understand. loitering outside the Boot was just super important. #EyeRoll

I witnessed powerade bottles fly up into the Westfeldt stands, blue powerade shower for everyone! Huzzah!  Players were doing somersaults across the field. And the Yulman Leaps my goodness!  Oh it was awesome! That ending was worth the wait and aggravation of playing like fools for 4 quarters.

One thing - when watching the replay how funny is it that ESPN for the FOURTH GAME in a ROW has no friggin clue who the hades Willie Fritz is (or Tulane! Hello...they called us Tulsa, Troy, ITT Tech, Tazmania U, practically every T institute of higher education in the free world).  So yeah, ESPN pans their cameras to the sidelines and picks out whatever random person and coronates them as Willie Fritz. Every grad assistant, water boy, position coach, service personnel wandering the sidelines, has been identified as Coach Fritz.  I say, that instead of a ball cap, we should put a crown on Willie Fritz and give him a sash.

I'd be embarrassed about ESPNs faux pas, except that I want Willie Fritz to be ours a bit longer so if nobody knows what he looks like, they can't find him.  Kinda like a witness protection. So it's win-win situation.  He's hiding in plain sight just for us.

So anyways after the game, Coach Hullabaloo and I went and celebrated with Boot Pizza because it was the only thing I could think of still open.  Except that now it's "Broadway Pizza" and they have fancy options now. We ordered the Margherita pizza and waited.

My lord, what happened to the Boot.  There's a line to get in to the Boot. A line with metal barricades. For what reason or purpose I failed to see. Honestly, even in the throes of the hey dey at AT's or Rendon, did you ever remember metal barricades?

Except that now the students just mill about around in the street like burner homeless people with their pot vapers, drug vials, drinking straight from bottles (not even with a proper brown paper bag even!), falling all over grimmy sidewalks, and Holy Jamie Garza the crude and vile behavior of the little boys (because there weren't any gentlemen that I saw) towards the women.  And some of these young ladies were undergarment optional! My eyes!

Of course there's an NOPD officer in his cruiser that is parked right there on the corner to make sure that the drug fueled whatever could carry on without people's children getting mugged.  Because losing their wallets (and not their dignity) is of primary concern.  Those Jesus people on Bourbon Street are missing out on some prime opportunity here.

Out of the sea of horrendous behavior, there was one very sweet student who confidently walked up to Coach Hullabaloo and me to introduce himself and chat. He was so cute!  In addition to asking if we were students (lol), he invited us to party with him because it was his birthday and his friends were lost in the crowd.  Henry you were a doll!  Thank you for complimenting my cute gameday dress!  And I promise, if I smoked pot I totes would have accepted your offer to share a joint and get tokked up with you in honor of your birthday! Thanks for offering us a swing of your Boones Farm too!  Cheers!

Speaking of good dranks, we had us some at tailgating! Woot!  Our Greenie Gal whom I'm calling Queen of the Nile made some blueberry lemonade rum punch.  And it was deeeelicious.  Here are some of us drinking it in our cute tailgating cups.

Also deeelicious was the gumbo made by the Greenie Gent of my girl I'm calling Sarah Jane (because she loves Doctor Who).  We also had boudin, dirty rice, this yummy copy cat of the "cajun dip" from Texas Roadhouse, mini muffs, and y'all....these Butter Pecan Blondies. omg.

These Butter Pecan Blondies were off. the. chain. And Coach Hullabaloo and I totally invented them standing there at Rouse's on Saturday morning perplexed why nobody has boxed blondie mix. So we decided to make something up. Ingenuity.

Off The Chain Butter Pecan Blondies
Betty Crocker Butter Pecan Cake Mix
Pam Spray
Heath Bar crumbles
Tub of Caramel icing

Preheat the oven to 375. Mix the cake mix sans the oil listed in the instructions (apparently omitting oil makes cake mix become brownies). Mix in a half a cup of crumbled up Heath bar (buy the bag). Spray pam real good all over a 13 x 9 cake pan.  Sprinkle another quarter to half a cup of crushed up Heath bar over the top.  Bake for 21 minutes and then let cool.  Warm up a womp of the Caramel icing in the microwave for 20 seconds or so and then drizzle over the cooled blondies. Cut into small squares and then eat up all the random side pieces that nobody would have wanted at tailgating anyways.

To balance out the blondies and the other high carb food offerings, I also made roasted brussel sprouts with homemade creole honeymustard dip which I can attest was yumm-o.  And so easy!  I put toothpicks in the brussels at tailgating for easy snacking.

Slap Ya Mamma Brussels
Half pound of brussels sprout halves
Slap Ya Mamma cajun seasoning
Olive errl
Half red onion
Creole mustard
Balsamic vinaigrette
Powdered chicken bouillon

Preheat oven to 350. Slice the red onion, toss with the brussels sprouts halves, and a table spoon or so of olive oil.  Sprinkle with seasoning and then spread out on a roasting pan. Spray with extra olive oil to make sure that it doesn't burn or stick to the pan.  Roast in the oven for 25-30 minutes or so until starting to brown, but tender.  Meanwhile mix up a few whomps or creole mustard, about a tablespoon or so of balsamic, a generous squeeze or so of honey mustard, half a packet or cube of chicken boullion cube and quarter cup or so of olive oil.  I whizzed up the dressing in a bullet blender to emulsify. Bring the sprouts to tailgate dry with the dressing in a side container so that people can dip or drizzle as they chose.

Ok y'all.  I'm resting from tailgating for a few.  We may not make it to UMASS because life is crazy. And then we shant be going to UCF this year because, yawn, Orlando.  But I would like to take this moment to thank all of the Cajuns reading this post.  Because we beat you with 9 players on the field. I laughyette you!

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