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Sunday, September 18, 2016

We Should be 3-0

Now it's happened.  NOW, I'm gnashing my teeth.

Why lawd why!?

We should be 3-0 and currently being able to cherry pick the next three wins. I should be able to start planning my bowl activities (which shant be the Nola Bowl, because wretched).

The refs were horrid.  THIS was an interception.

And that WAS a pass interference later in the game.  And that WAS a horse collar.  But as it is with the all the service academies, the service academy players are beyond reproach and considered perfect in every way and never ever never could possibly ever commit an error or heaven forbid a penaleous (made up word) infraction.

This photo is of the Navy Middies that came in for the game.  It is unrelated to my rant other than Tyrone Power and I got to have some eye candy.

However, Tulane has veterans! We have many many many veterans. We have alumni Greenies who serve and have served.  We have an amazing ROTC program that is the 3rd oldest program in the United States and is considered one of the most prestigious. Tulane has Seals, Purple Hearts, yes you betcha.  But yet the service academies are treated like they are the only people on the planet who serve their country and are given way too much deference on the field in my personal and opinionated opinion.

This here Greenie played football at Tulane and also spent 6.5 years as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down from his plane.  Thank you to Nola Dave for the photo.

We got passes to share Colonel Jones' suite in Glazer Club and Coach Hullabaloo got to go on the sidelines during the game too.  I got to ooh and ahh over Colonel Jones' signed helmet from Coach Fritz.

I just love Coach Fritz.  He is such a classy person and always goes above and beyond with every single thing he does.  I guess the one fortunate thing about this loss is that it simmers down some of the Twitter chatter of people who already married him off to Missouri or other openings at the end of the season. So there's that.

Anyways yes, we were very fortunate to be invited to be in Colonel Jones' suite. I wandered around Glazer and nibbled on chicken wings, and chocolate+coconut Plum Street Snoballs.  I even stood over the platter of miniature sweets like a total fool and took a bite out of most of the options to sample which one was my favorite.  Even Birmingham Wave came over to make sure and poke fun at me for being in Glazer Club after I ho-humed it last season.

Anyways, so as I was saying .... my above complaints about officials tripping over themselves for the service academies are some of the reasons why I hate, hate, hate, loathe, detest, abhor playing service academies.  We can't do nothing about omitting Navy since they are in our conference, but every time we willingly schedule Army a litter of cute puppies silently dies somewhere. Army is always so completely over the top.

But alas sigh, we could certainly point some fingers at ourselves for not taking a victory that we earned. If one more 70-something numbered player got called out on a penalty I was going to take Coach Hullabaloo's sideline pass and go roll my eyes on the sideline.  or something.

And holy where did our passing game go?  In one year, it's like poof gone.

And lastly, the new powers that be are not yet fully aware how precarious the juju situation is in New Orleans.  While in other parts of the country they may not believe in spirits or observe our careful respect of superstitions, you know that we in New Orleans take this stuff seriously.

Coach Rick Jones sort of took it to the extreme and was a little over the top on some of his gameday mandates for sure (What is Love?! Baby Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More...). But anyways, while we were still leading Navy late in the second half, one of the powers that be walked into the suite we were in and just thought outloud that this was going to be Coach Fritz' signature win of the season. Us veteran fans were like, omg NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What did you just do!  Stuff that thought cloud back in your mouth!

And then we missed the field goal and then Navy scored.

Oh well. Anyways, one thing that we stuffed in our mouths was our best tailgate menu yet.  Some of our tailgaters asked that we have this same menu again next week lol.

Crabcakes with remoulade
Blueberry Goat cheese
Rachel Ray's Green Bean Salad
Sub sandwiches
Crab Dip
Crab boil potato chips
Old Bay potato salad
Smoked Oyster Spread (such a cheater recipe!)
Smith Island Cake (overnighted from Maryland)
Bloody Marylands

The Bloody Marylands were amazeballs. Perry Mason said that people were still coming up to him during the game to lay praise on him about the Bloody Marylands.  Do these for your next bloody mary event and you will have people on their knees in praise.

One container or can of lump white crab meat (drained/rinsed)
Low sodium V8 tomato juice
Clamato juice
Hot Sauce
Old Bay
A-1 Steak Sauce
pat of butter
Garnishes of choice

Finely chop the crab meat. Even though it is cooked, sauté with small dab of butter and plenty of Old Bay seasoning.  Chill over night in the fridge.  Mix equal parts of low sodium V8 and Clamato (low sodium because Clamato is very salty).  Add a splash of Worcestershire, a splash of hot sauce (to taste), more Old Bay, and splash of A-1 Steak Sauce.  Then add the crab meat....and vodka. Voîla!

Perry Mason would like it noted that there is not a single solitary valid reason for any person to ever have Zing Zang at any bloody mary event. Ever. He would consider it a grave personal insult.  I had to laugh at that. I also laughed that he was more aggravated with the Tulane fans who told him to sit down when recovered that fumble in the second half than he was about the loss.  We could totally spot him jumping up and down in the crowd from way over in the suite lol.  Whoever those "Tulane" fans were that dared asked Perry Mason to take a seat during one of the more exciting portions of the game need for me to go eye roll at them for being party poopers.

So this was me and Coach Hullabaloo before he changed into his cute statue of liberty T Wave shirt.  If you didn't get to see it at the game, it's super cute.  I found it on Amazon.

The other things we loved from the game was the flyover.

I also loved loved the Anthem sung by the Victory Belles. Photo by Nola Dave.

So next up we will shall have gumbo with potato salad. Yumm-o.  Because that is how proper gumbo is eaten.

And I will be doing candles all week in hopes that we beat the tar out of USL.  Because I am still having PTSD about the New Orleans Bowl and the very thought of having them defame Yulman and give us another loss would just be heinous.

I won't tolerate that.


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