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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coach B has me OBSESSED

Mrs. Hullabaloo is social media friends with a former TU Coach, whom we'll call Coach B.

Earlier this week Coach B started posting several PSY videos.  The Navy Academy one, a few other random ones.  I told him he was obsessed!

But Lawd! Now his obsession has rubbed off on ME for crying out loud! Coach Hullabaloo, on the other hand, is delighted that watching these videos is resulting in me spending less of his money.

My favorite Gangnam Style parody has got to be this one from the Oregon Duck.  The Duck is my 2nd favorite NCAA college mascot, behind Riptide, of course.

Y'all remember the Duck from this episode when he had his way with the Houston Cooter, right?

....speaking of Riptide, Coach Hullabaloo was in some kind of mood after coming back from the Devon Walker Rally on campus last week.  He overheard fresmen asking "What's with the bird?!"  Omg, Coach Hullabaloo was fit to be tied.  He was peturbed, as other fans were, about Riptide not being on the field for the Rutgers game.  And then when I told him Riptide wasn't invited to Orientation neither, it was all she wrote....

You have to wait until the end of the video for the credits. "For Kevin Bacon" ??? talk about LMAO! and Kermit the frog?  and like what's on the Duck's back when he's walking away? Yoda?

And look at the Duck's sunglasses at the beginning.  The little airplane dragging the duck banner?!

Oh, how I love college football!

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