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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Talk to the Paw

Lawd. where to start....

...and by the way, my aggravation has nothing to do about Coach CJ Johnson. We could have Coach XYZ here right now, and that poor soul would probably also be getting tossed into the machine that is Tulane Athletics, chewed up and spit out also. So it doesn't really matter who is Head Coach under the circumstances we find ourselves in.

It is plain to everybody without myopia that we are outmanned and outmanuevered as a program. From top to bottom.

Here's a relatable story......if I go to my cupboard and I decide I want to make a cake, I need flour and eggs. If I only find, say, truffle oil and cornmeal either I need to decide to go with it and make a delicious polenta or I need to lay down steps to figure this out. If I am pre-occupied, then perhaps I hire someone to give me a hand in the Kitchen.  Somebody eager and knowledgeable about the running of a kitchen. I also need to go to the store and buy flour and eggs and figure out a way to pay for flour and eggs if I don’t have it in the budget. Or I need to find a new cookbook and decide on a different recipe. Or I need to find and hire a genius whizbang chef that pioneers molecular gastronomy and can actually turn my cornmeal and truffle oil into this amazing, unheard of, polenta cake dessert that spurs a truffle cake movement copy-catted by everyone in the food industry. I don't berate my defenseless truffle oil and cornmeal for not being flour and eggs.  I do not, take my truffle oil and cornmeal and just resign myself to make do and see what happens when I whisk what I have in the bowl. I do not alternatively seek out a replacement twin with my same cooking expertise and philosophy and then hamstring them with what is in my cupboard and ask them to carry out the task in my stead. Because unless I have a massive reserve of good fortune that magically transforms things in the oven, what I am going to get is going to be inedible. And I don’t need to actually make it and taste it to know that.

Anyways, enough of my senseless drivel.....

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