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Monday, September 10, 2012

Please Support #18 Devon Walker

Tulane has posted a link for our community and those who have expressed support to donate to the Walker family as Devon undergoes critical spinal surgery, care and rehabilitation.

The direct link for donations is here

The long-term extent of Devon's injuries is currently unknown.  Devon underwent surgery on Sunday afternoon where the neurosurgeons stabilized his spine.  As of today, Devon appears to be alert and responsive and has (Thank You Jesus) shown movement in his shoulders. This according to Coach CJ Johnson at his speech at the New Orleans QB Club lunch today.  Rick Dickson mentioned during his press conference this afternoon from the hospital that he was joking with Devon about his braids, so his signature braids seem to still be with him.  Devon may or may not have to undergo additional procedures.  They are waiting for the swelling to completely go down to make additional determinations.  He is currently in stable condition at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa.  It is a wait and see situation for atleast another day or two. He is not out of the clear yet.  And then the severity of the permanent damage can be determined.

When we were watching the game on Saturday with Booty, Booty started to cry because she knows Devon from her office at Tulane.

Devon is an exemplary student and a walk on scholarship player.  Here's the article from summer 2011 when Devon was awarded a full football scholarship.

Booty says that Devon always has two teammates in tow and the three of them apparently take all of their classes together, they study together and help each other out. In Cell and Molecular Biology at Tulane.  Listen y'all, the lazy writer of this blog you are currently reading decided to take biology at a community college back home over the summer while an undergrad, because I was too chicken to take for real biology.  And this guy is majoring in it and tutoring other people, and paid his own way for a few years!  Waveprofessor mentioned that when he taught Devon, Devon went out of his way to help another teammate pass the class, even though that teammate was ahead of him on the roster. and Devon was still in the hunt for even getting a scholarship spot.

Devon and his teammates in Hawaii last season.

I can't even begin to imagine the burden that Coach CJ Johnson is currently carrying and the sadness that is cast over the men in Olive and Blue.  We could not have had a more well-timed Bye week, because I don't think I could even watch a game right now, much less prepare for one if I were a player.

Devon's family is distraught, but hopeful, and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. The prayer circles in the Greenie Dat Nation have been off the hook.

So friends, haters, lurkers, generous souls, please come together and show some love. Hit the donation link above, any bit counts.


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