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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Fabulous

So it's 4.5 months and counting til Tulane Homecoming 2011 - yay! We play Memphis. So summer is when Mrs. Hullabaloo starts gathering ideas for Homecoming Fabulosity at the Superdome. Gotta watch the Greenwave in style! It's New Orleans, we have some standards to uphold here.

So imagine my excitement when I ran across this beautiful tablescape pictured above. Wouldn't it be just fab in green?

and then I started googling National Signing Day pictures, which I think are so much fun and ran across some of these to share:

Orleans Darkwa (or as some say in New Orleans...UUR-LEENS)

Derrick Strozier

Steve Funderburk (just love love his meanie greenie cap!)

Nick SanGiacomo (his mother Tammy is simply fabulous, can't wait to meet her in person)

Anyways, it's always neat to see these pics and then see how these kids grow and turn out. Coach Hullabaloo and I got to attend a graduation party last month for some of football seniors. It was truly fabulous. I'll post some pics.

But I will tell you, it got me inspired to get hunkered down and start planning our Tulane Tailgating Soirees for 2011 (or day-ees, since we play at 2:30 all season).

mmmmm, football season...I can' almost taste it!

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