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Monday, June 13, 2011


Holy Facundus Y'all ~ I have got a situation up. in. here! double underline, exclamation point.

So I played hookie and took advantage of being by Lakeside today. soooo hot and the traffic was all a fool, so I parked and shopped. Honeys, let me tell you that Mrs. Hullabaloo prefers to fly all the way to Chicago to shop at Macy's than mess with Lakeside. It's very un-New Orleans of me to not shop local - but God, the traffic.

Well my predicament begins like this: En route to Jacques Pennay to get the Super Cuuuuute Maxidress from my previous post, I found and fell in love with these (!) at Macy's on-sale-for-$69-plus-an-extra-20%-if-you-buy-2pairs-so-I-bought-some-babyblue-flops-also. MMMMMHHHHUH.

Talk about Dangerous Liaisons, cause then I had to walk past the actual Nine West purveyors inside of the mall and they have FLATS in the same version of heels.

What exactly is a Greenie Dat to do? I NEED YOUR HELP!

Cute, Espadrille Platform Wedges? Sensible, still cute, flats?

Cute, Cute, Cute or practical, practical, practical? HELP!

Egads, I don't think I shall sleep tonight. This is just as a conundrum situation as when Scott Cowen acted a fool and tried to shut down D1 athletics.

UPDATE: so everybody loves, loves these fab heels, and Coach Hullabaloo preferred the heels also, so done. Ladies: they are now ON SALE at Nine West for $59 (40% off). Now, to decide which game to wear them to.....

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