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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Our Play-by-Play Announcer has found his "Sole" Mate. his Muse. The Perfect "Pair", yes! Comhghairdeachas!

Signore e Signora Hullabaloo were privileged to be allowed into the inner circle of The Voice of the Greenwave to witness his nuptials to his very lovely Muse. Yes little chickens, The Graf is hitched!

It was a lovely celebration from beginning to end, and those who missed it (you know who you are) really missed a wonderful celebration and the Groom's Cake replica of Turchin Stadium, which was just amazing.

The cutest thing were the bridesmaids all decorated their heels like Muses shoes. Similar to this beauty given to Mrs. Hullabaloo last Mardi Gras (a gift from the Missus V.O.W.).

I have to say that I don't know what the happy couple was thinking by inviting BOTH Peggy and I cause it was just like regular season. Just as if we were sitting in 110 at Turchin or 140 at the Dome, people watching, color commentating, cackling outloud. Which made being serious while in God's house very difficult. During my communion prayer I tried to close my eyes and meditate in prayer and had to keep saying "shhhh!" to Peggy out of the side of my mouth while laughter tears were rolling down my face. Lol y'all.

So at the reception, Kaare Johnson, local radio personality and upriver alumnus, thought it might be funny and put a score on a piece of napkin and stuck it on the Groom's Cake. Mrs. Hullabaloo was not amused and ammended said score. Oh but yes I did. I think that's why I was getting darts from Messieur Johnson. But I shant have Turchin defaced. Not even in jest. I can't allow it.

Mrs. Hullabaloo shook some booty y'all. The band broke into a cover of Ying Yang Twin's "Halftime" and we got c-razy Crunk y'all. The band even played Boot Scootin Boogie and Peggy helped me remember the line dance. Lawd was THAT a blast from the past. Brought me right back to our adventurous jaunts as a Newcomb Co-eds out at Mudbugs.

Anyways, in all it was a fun night, such a special celebration in the Greenwave family. "Your Happy Final:" Mr. and Mrs. Voice of the Wave happily ever after....

Mazel Tov!

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