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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mercury is in Retrograde!!!

I'm not sure where I would place this loss on the richter scale of losses. Last week I wanted to hold a wrist slitting tailgate theme. This week I considered fashioning a noose out of my tailgating tablecloths.

In retrospect I do not believe that I am nearly as devastated as I felt after this Toledo era loss though.

Well. Maybe.

While I was somewhat (ok, very) impressed with how Montana has improved, no moral victory explanation is going to satisfy me. I wasn't even consoled by the outhouse losing in Tuscaloosa. It coulda shoulda been the sweetest ending to our gameday, but alas, Mercury was in retrograde!

I just knew it had to be something, because there was some kind of juju on that endzone. A Roll Wave button is just not enough to offset the juju from Mercury being in retrograde.

You know the endzone I'm talking about. The endzone where UTSA coughed up the ball. The same darn one where we coughed up the ball. The same one UTSA scored a TD on and where Cairo missed a FG. Yes, that's the one.

I swear that endzone was simply plagued.

So maybe this loss is saving us from our Liberty Bowl Coaching Curse wherein we always lose the coach who gets us bowl eligible after going to the Liberty Bowl. (Pittman, Smith, Bowden)

This morning I actually even considered just giving up and not worrying about going to the New Orleans Bowl. I am such a bad Tulane fan, I am simply dreading the possibility of getting embarrassed in front of USL fans and giving Sporty Nunez fodder for her articles. The thought of a USL New Orleans Bowl just makes me want to book a vacation to Tulsa or a cruise to Somalia for the holidays.

Anyways, because Coach Hullabaloo was off reuniting with his Marine Corps peeps in Philadelphia for a man weekend, Chardonnay and I packed our little bags and made a good old fashioned girls road trip out of the UTSA game weekend. We spent the night with Nell and then went to San Antonio where I OD'd on BBQ and cobbler, road the boat for a tour of the Riverwalk, admired the Alamo, etc.

We went by the Tulane Alumni tailgating too. I ran into Alex Wacha and his family, but I was in a rush so I didn't get a picture. I kind of regret that. Coach Hullabaloo had such a man crush on Alex, especially after his game winning sack in overtime in the UTEP game and his game ending interception at Rutgers.

The alumni tailgating was really cute.

So glad they are stepping them up a notch now. The caterer served grits and grillades, corndouilles (Andouille corn dogs), bloody marys and beignets.

And how cute are these centerpieces?

Look out: Tulane colors and everything!

As Mercury in retrograde dictates, I did run into an old friend - a long lost college acquaintance whom I'll call Vinnie Barbarino.

Here's Vinnie wearing his wife's bedazzled sunglasses because he forgot his. Hilarious.

So I did very much enjoyed catching up with Vinnie and hearing about his French quarter wedding to his wife which sounded lovely. I enjoyed knowing Vinnie in college because he delivered food for one of my favorite restaurants. And his fraternity had great keg parties at the bar that is currently known as Ms Mae's, which a young Mrs. Hullabaloo did not miss.

Anyways, I don't have much to add about the game that hasn't already been beaten to death: Enough penalty flags to hold a proper Veterans Day flag ceremony, Umpteen dropped passes, lawd have mercy. We totally let UTSA off the hook and beat ourselves.

We are 1-5 against teams that are navy blue. 0-2 against red and navy blue teams, 0-2 against ernge and navy blue teams. Navy is just not a good color for us. But what's worse is that we are 0-3 against teams who were birthed AFTER Katrina. Hows that for some titanic flower beds for ya?

A younger Tulane fan posted on twitter earlier today that these last two losses hurt more because we got so used to winning.

I guess these losses learned us now, huh? Booooo.

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