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Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

Hilarious picture of one of my Hullabaloo-ettes taken during the Ruston game weekend.

So yes, friends, that game made me Happy, Happy, Happy.

I hadn't enjoyed a win like that since we put the pedal to the metal on UAB back during the final days of the Toledo Error.

Coach Hullabaloo called this the Amnesty Game, in that I behaved myself as a civil person (mostly) at the official Tulane tailgating at the ULM game.

It was hosted by the Tulane government affairs office in an effort to maintain connections to North Louisiana important people. TPTB were in attendance and I was cordial to them.

The North Louisiana Tulane alumni had this super cute centerpiece and these adorable cups. And chargrilled oysters.

Also, my cute shoes and my suuuuper cute one shoulder gameday dress made the broadcast.

Anyways, despite my best efforts, I couldn't resist and I did inflict my thoughts about the absurd auction item on the Hullabaloo Auction onto some new, and of course young, and unsuspecting Wilson Center staff members. I've been getting messages from all manner of Tulane peeps who are some kinda irate about this. Like I got any more pull to do anything about it other than just complaining on the interwebs. But seriouuuuusly y'all .... Benny Ellender and Vince Gibson totally facepalmed in their graves.

So that totally made me UNhappy, UNhappy, UNhappy. The very least, they could have used an Arkansas picture hoisting the boot, right? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are they thinking? I told Coach Hullabaloo I had half a thought to outbid everyone on it and then use it as tinder to start a bonfire pep rally in the UC Quad. You think I'm joking? I was a Girl Scout, I know how to start a proper bonfire. Watch me. But it just goes to show that it's totally true though: Tulane can't even manage to get out of its way even if it tried. Quelle Embarrassing!!!!

And speaking of getting out of our way.... The kick off return by Rashon Ceasar? At first I was shaking my head that we go late into the third quarter with a shut out and blow it, and then laughed it off when I read a comment that Richard Carthon had an angle on Ceaser, but then Picarelli took out Carthon. Oh hilarious! Totally a signature Tulane move, just making sure to put our mark on that win and keepin' it real. Ha ha!

Anyways, the game was otherwise fantastic from beginning to end. Montana is getting MUCH better at predicting where to pluck erratic snaps from and juggling the ball quicker before getting off the play. This is a valuable skill to learn, people. Just look at Tim Tebow. Perfectly executed shot gun all five years and look at him now. Washed up in the NFL. Now if he'd had a Tulane center hiking him the ball, he'd a been trained and prepared for all matter of calamities and eventualities. Just no telling where he'd be now. Straight to the top!

So mainly the gameplan was Hand it to Darkwa (picture from Monroe Star).

Followed by some Hand it to Kelley action (picture from Monroe Star).

Mixed in with some absolutely g-e-n-i-u-s defense by Jordan Batiste & Company for good measure. You know, just to keep things interesting and keep Graff on the edge of his seat. The fumble/takeaway that Batiste orchestrated that ended with a Dominique Robertson touchdown was truly epic and definitely makes the top of Mrs. Hullabaloo's Top 10 list.

Genius moment captured by Parker Waters.

What a play. Reminded me of Robert Meachem stealing back the interception in the 2009 Saints vs Redskins game.

Oh, and this pick up of a fumble by Matt Bailey was totally Hashtag Awesome! Also captured by Mr. Parker.

We also got to meet some super sweet Tulane peeps who live up in North Louisiana. Their little club is called the Strawberry Club or something like that because they used to get together to tailgate up there and they usually ate or had strawberries and that's what people called them and the name stuck.

And so now they wear these cute ribbons with a TU tie tack. She and I totally chatted about how absurd the elimination of Newcomb College was.

The most memorable part of our sojourn in Monroe though had to be all of the Monroe peeps who thought Coach Hullabaloo was Nick's Daddy. Talk about lol. As you could see in the previous picture of my cute shoes up earlier in this post, we actually were sitting nearby, but Nick's Daddy got tired of being continually approached and skipped out before the fourth quarter. And then it wasn't too long before Coach Hullabaloo started getting taps on the shoulder and people coming up to him, groups of little kids showing up with their programs and sharpies, "Mr. Montana, will you sign this for me?"


Coach Hullabaloo used to get mistaken for Sean Payton, and before that some pro golfer Preston something or another. Anyways, I think he just looks like Coach Hullabaloo, if you ask me. Maybe I'll wear a blonde wig at the next game and we can be a decoy couple.

These are some pictures of Malone Stadium.

I liked the Touchdown Terrace they had. I wasn't so much a fan of the tents on the opposite endzone because there wasn't any cute tablescaping, but I give them props for taking care of their donors nicely

I do have to commend the Monroe peeps on their impeccable manners. Everybody was absolutely lovely. We even had fans say to us "Congratulations, Good luck the rest of the stretch." It was very similar to how we left the Mississippi State game in 2006 after totally winning there and embarrassing them. Of course then afterwards they put a for sale sign in Sylvester Croom's yard. But at least they waited until Tulane fans went home to air their disagreements.

Unfortunately, ULM Coach Todd Berry, decided to act all a fool and gave a very unfortunate post-game interview wherein he completely threw his team and us under an Interstate 20 sized Semi. I was so embarrassed for these poor people in Monroe to have such an unfortunate coach representing them like that in the media. What an idiot.

Anyways, be that as it may, I have put it out of my mind and I am now in the throes of Homecoming preprations. I got mums to make and tablescapes to plan.

See y'all back here in a week!

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