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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Roll Kyle Roll!

Ode to The Kingpin Kyle Fischer. Master of that fine 7 10 split, baby!

Did you see that? Hilarious. Here it is again if you missed it.

Ok, so this game was totally like a Charlie Brown and Lucy, Peanuts and the Gang, cartoon game. {Sue me for keeping things in perspective.} Those crazy snaps to the QB and long snapping to the punter were simply out. of. control. I almost started a betting pool up in the stands on where that sucker was gonna squirt out from next. Montana juggling it like a hot potato before he can throw, Picarelli having to pluck em out of the stratosphere before placing it down. It was totally cray.

And Holy turnovers Ben Affleck. You know how they have a homerun derbies? Well we were definitely doing our part to have a fumble and interception derby there last Thursday. The best quote from the game came from Scott Kushner.

I do have to say that Julius Warmsley's sack fumble in the fourth quarter was absolutely genius. Afterwards he went and lifted up Coach Sumrall in a bear hug up in the air on the sidelines. It was funny.

This was my favorite picture I snapped after the game.

Hands down though, my absolute favoritest moment of the season thus far has got to be the conversion on 3rd and Twenty-Freakin-Four by Xavier Rush that made ESPN Sports Center review of the game.

photo by Chuck Cook of USAToday

ROLL DAMN WAVE, y'all. My team! on Sports Center! Last time I remember staying up all night to re-watch a Tulane replay scrolling on Sports Center over and over was when Michael Jordan's interception in the Liberty Bowl made Play of the Day. I even talked to random people at the airport about that interception: Excuse me. Did you see that? Play of the Day? Tulane, y'all!

For the casual football viewer, if all you saw was that ESPN replay you woulda thought everything was tip top shape on that possession. Thanks ESPN for your fine editing. But sitting in the stands witnessing it in person.... in my mind I was throwing daggers. I could not shake the bad feeling that our going backwards on downs was going to go the way of the Houston 2009 game when we were drawing blood with first and ten at their 30, but then ended up tragically at fourth and 43 and a big ole nasty loss.

Anyways, if you gotta aks.... Yes: I'm holding my end of the bargain as a Tulane Fan and absolutely relieved we pulled out a win out of that mess. Because if I'd actually made a trip to Ruston and then lost, oooohh glory. So thank you to Kyle Fischer for missing all those Field Goals!!!!! We need to send you a bagel and rugelach basket in appreciation.

Coach and I actually skated in to Ruston with moments to spare and missed the pre-gaming. Cute picture of us at The Joe (<-- what Tech fans call their stadium).

So yes, unfortunately I only got to give a super quick glance to Tech tailgating and offer my bossy opinion. I had ended up talking Coach Hullabaloo into taking me to Dallas earlier in the week for a few days of shopping and then shooting over to Ruston for gameday. I mean, there's only so much North Louisiana to go around and we're going to be there twice within 2 weeks. I gotta leave some of the fun for the Monroe weekend.

Anyways, I snapped a few shots of things that intrigued me.

Cute picture of Angel's outfit for the game.

I thought that this tailgating pavilion that Tech has for alumni is genius. Loved this.

and now I know that Tech alumni are p-i-s-s-e-d, about how their season is turning out, but chin up. At least y'all got this cute pavillon and we still gotta look forward to shuttling in from the dome next season.

This wreath was kind of cute.

Not as cute as my door wreath.

But it will do.

And then I loved, loved, LOVED, this centerpiece with the mums, mini helmet, car flags, plush mascot.

I am totally copying this cuteness!!!! And wouldn't you know that the owner of this tailgating set up is the mom of a 2006 Newcomb alumna. I invited her to come enjoy our tailgate in New Orleans if they ever come.

My friend Chardonnay, whom I will mention below, assured me that the Tech tailgate was okay, but that from her extensive travels to Louisiana tailgates that Mrs. Hullabaloo tailgates are far and away the best tailgating. I was so touched and honored to hear that. I do it all out of love.

Other things I enjoyed: The charcoal pants and white jerseys. Sharp. I am Switzerland in the uniform controversy, other than laughing when I listened to a clip of Graff from the USA game when he had to ask which player had just scored. Up close, I love the charcoal jerseys. Really, I do. But I have to admit it was mighty nice at the Ruston game to be able to identify players out on the field instead of our Get Smart tactic of invisible jersey numbers meant to fool opponents. My middle-aged eyesight appreciated it.

And then the FUNNIEST new tradition has been started by the boyfriend of one of my newest hullabaloo-ettes whom I'll call Chardonnay. So Chardonnay's boyfriend takes to screaming "WHO'S YO DADDY?!?!?!?!?!" every time that Nick Montana completes a pass. It's hilarious. I laugh every time. And Joe has got to hear us because he usually sits a few seats away from us at the dome and also ended up just one family over from us in Ruston.

A fun thing the booster club I belong to are doing this season is we are taking this banner on the road to our CUSA road games.

Last year we had another banner for Devon that turned out great. We collect signatures in exchange for a voluntary contribution. Last year we raised over $800 at the Ole Miss game and then presented the banner to the family personally. They were sweet enough to show us a picture of it in front of his bed. So we hope that this banner does well also.

Next up is Syracuse and we are all set to go. Catch up with me after the weekend y'all!

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  1. Love it! As usual! ! Who's ya daddy?? PAHAHA! So funny! Roll Wave!!!