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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Roadtrip to Monroe


Gratuitous pictures for haters who feel that the citizenry of America should be oppressed and forced to watch monopolized sports.

Like we are some sort of dictatorial communist country that discourages Competition, Freedom and the American way.

Anyways, while I hope that the Wave adds to our string of wins against ULM and avenges our down year last year, I tip my hat to the Warhawks for silencing the stupid idea that there should only be an "elite" division within the FBS. Stupidest idea ever. Get over yourselves.

Anyways, back to what you came here to read about: Railgating to Monroe! The excitement never ends with the 2013 Tulane Football Schedule (<-- snark).

Monroe was formerly known as Poste du Ouachita and is the 8th largest city in the Gret Stet of Louisiana. Yes Sir. And the Greenies shall be descending on this fine hamlet in a little over a month. Picture of Malone Stadium where the Warhawks play.

So here I have compiled my list of recommendations and thoughts about Mon-Row. Many thanks to traveling Baylor fans who have compiled many comments across their forums from which I have borrowed liberally with regard to the gameday experience at ULM for visitors.

How to get to Ewe Elle Emm

This is a similar land route up The Boot in getting to Ruston, but a few miles closer.

You can take I-10 west to I-55 North to just before Jackson, cut over and cross back into Louisiana via Vicksburg, Mississippi for a shortcut to I-20 west (287 miles, 4.5 hours). Or you can take I-10 West to Corndogland/Bataan Rouge and then rural highway US 425 north thru Natchez, Mississippi up to I-20 west (270 miles, 4.75 hours). Half dozen of one, six of the other. Make sure your Ipod is loaded up and your Netflix is streaming either way. If you go via Natchez, I would suggest Jerry Lee Lewis on the Ipod and Dennis Quaid's Great Balls of Fire on video in homage to passing thru Ferriday, Louisiana.

Where to Stay in Monroe

In doing research, Mrs. Hullabaloo was done quite impressed with how much Monroe has grown up since I was stuck there a little over a decade ago when I worked a corporate job.

Hotel suggestions: Three miles from Malone Stadium is a Courtyard ($119 a night), TownePlace Suites ($99 a night) and Residence Inn ($119 a night).

There also seems to be an interesting-looking B&B called Hamilton House which is $130 a night and is located about 5 miles from Malone Stadium in downtown West Monroe.

Shopping in Monroe

Bayou Gypsy

This place looks totally my speed. Young, cute, and comfortable dresses, shoes and accessories.

Downtown Monroe Rivermarket

Looks like a cute outdoor Palmer Park Art Market kind of a thing with vendor stalls and crafty items.

Dining in Monroe

THIS about knocked my socks off.

Like the heavens parted and angels sung when I found this fabulous little place online. Easily my most anticipated stop in the 2013 round of Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo's Excellent College Football Road Trip Adventures is Cotton, Creative Southern Cuisine, by CHOPPED Champion, Chef Corey Bahr. Pimento Cheese Beignets?! Oyster Potato Caviar?! Muscovy Duck and Okra? Lawd, get in my belly!!


Coach Hullabaloo and I are big fans of Monjunis.

Their sweet red gravy is truly epic. I could drink it through a straw. There was a Monjunis in Nola for a blink of an eye in what is now Delachaise up on the avenue. I practically subsisted on their chicken spinach lasagna. If we ever find ourselves in Shreveport, we will inevitably beeline to the original Monjuni's. Apparently there is a Monjuni's in Bataan Rouge, but we don't like actually ever subject ourselves to going to Bataan Rouge unless under duress.

Restaurant Sage

This is the restaurant where Chef Bahr worked before opening Cotton. Sage recently won best appetizer at a Monroe Chamber of Commerce event for their Caramel Macchiato Pork. Coach Hullabaloo would love that. Link to Restaurant Sage facebook page.

Waterfront Grill

Waterfront Grill is across from Malone Stadium.

It is a seafood joint with gumbo, crabcakes, catfish, BBQ shrimps, grilled and baked seafood. And what looks like a cute view of Bayou DeSiard.

Malone Stadium and Tailgating

ULM is north of Interstate 20. Take the Bastrop exit (Exit 118) and then travel north on US Highway 165 to the DeSiard Street exit. Turn right on DeSiard Street and follow until University Ave. You may continue past University Ave and roll past the front of campus to Warhawk Way which is one of the traffic bridges crossing the bayou to Malone Stadium.

*** Official Tulane Tailgating ***

Tulane Government Affairs Committee and the Tulane Alumni Office have teamed up and gotten a spot in the "Pecan Grove" tailgating area, which is actually in the ULM tailgating park.

Tulane has been allotted space #1 in Pecan Grove, which is situated between Bon Aire Drive and the student section side of Malone Stadium. Festivities begin at 3pm and all Tulane fans are invited to attend. Tulane has invited Louisiana and area politicians to attend, so everyone act on their best behavior okay?

Visitor Parking and Tailgating is actually on the westbank of Bayou DeSiard from the stadium, just a hair north of ULM's campus.

If you would like to set up your own tailgate space, visitor tailgating is where you will be directed to. When you get to campus, you'll need to hang a left up University Ave and then right on either Northeast Drive (by the Starbucks) or Bayou Drive/Lasalle Street. Visitor tailgating is also held in the area by Warhawk Way and Bon Aire Drive just west of Malone Stadium. From the bestbank tailgating there are three bridges: a pedestrian bridge off Bayou Drive and two traffic bridges (Northeast Drive and Warhawk Way).

Postgame traffic flow is directed as follows: West on Northeast Dr. toward Highway 165; South on Warhawk Way from Northeast Drive to Desiard St; North on Warhawk Way from Malone Stadium.

Link for more info from ULM about tailgating

Seating at Malone Stadium

The Wave bench and visitor seating is the General Admission seating on the EAST side of Malone Stadium, in Section 118.

Hope you enjoy planning your road trip y'all! See you soon Greenwave Nation!

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