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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Mrs. Hullabaloo calls "shotgun!" on behalf of Greenwave Nation on the CUSA-tie in 2013 Bahamas Bowl!

Hell to the Yes on that. Might as well take advantage of this bennie of our final year in Ex-Cusa, amirite?!

And, ta da - check it out. Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo got nice season tickets!

I was so delighted and pleasantly surprised considering that Coach Hullabaloo procrastinated til the last possible moment to renew our tickets. Seriously, I totally forgot and then Coach Hullabaloo had to be nagged for weeks on end to call in. So I was prepared to just suck it up for being a slacker and be happy with the regular print out tickets. So imagine my delight when we opened up the mail today: Thank you ticket office!

But I am sad to report that my happiness was shortlived because I also found out today that Boooooooo Hissssss on No Tulane Fan Day for 2013.

And Boooo Hissss x2 on not even attempting to resuscitate Let's Talk Football for 2013 either. This used to be such a fun event.

What did we as Tulane Fans do to deserve such a dreary pre-season calendar of events I ask?

Who knows. We are SUCH complainers! and demanding. Some nerve we have. To want a for real college football experience. If only we would just be content with the little things.

Anyways, so because I love innovative ideas and merriment making, I thought I would just throw caution to the wind and dare to dream. Put out there in the universe whatever fun ideas that could happen were Greenwave Nation to just and RiseUp go rogue and have liberty to plan fun events. And promote that certain "je ne sais quoi" called School Spirit, Pride, and Taking Ourselves Seriously So That Others May Take Us Seriously. We could call ourselves the T Party (get it, Tea, T....anyways).

I'm sure that the logistics due to the construction of Yulfogelmevlin were insurmountable.

Plus it's hot. Hurricanes to contend with. Flower beds to plant and oyster restaurants to sample. etcetera.

So below are just some of the brain hurricane ideas on What Mrs. Dr. Hullabaloo, Senior Advisor of Tailgating Advancement, would suggest if the Greenwave Nation could plan a Rogue Tulane Fan Day in the absence of an Official Fan Appreciation Event:

  • A Block Party.....somewhere (By Brunos? With Campus Connection? on McAllister? In front of the Newcomb Sports Exhibit?)

  • Take a SuperFan Pictures with Cairo and His Lou Groza Trophy, or his likeness as a cardboard standup.

  • Autographing of 2013 Football Season Posters by Future NFL Wide Receiver Ryan Grant (in an NCAA compliant manner, of course)

  • Autographing of the 2013 Season Tickets by the Tulane players that are actually on the tickets and who are in driving distance, like Terrence Jones. "A Night With Legends" #38intheDome

  • "Be a Mini Mascot" Camp for kiddos lead by our in-house elite mascot trainer that is on staff

  • and for a community service angle: Postcard writing to our Alumni Service Members in partnership with the Tulane ROTC offices. Postcards can depict our spirit groups (Cheer, Shockwave, our Majorette) saying "Roll Wave, Thank you for your service!" or similar.

So much inspiration. So much room for initiative..

Alas...So how about you? Do you have any Fan Day ideas if you could plan a Rogue Fan Day for Greenwave Nation?

And speaking of Rogue Activities.....

The Booster Club Lunch.

I won't say who's idea this was, but it was an idea. and it came to fruition with minimal amounts of stink eye and pushback from Tulane. And I am here to simply to report upon it objectively. As being awesome, of course.

The Booster Clubs of Tulane warmly welcomed the next generation of fans this week (yay!). Tulane hosts a pre-Move In orientation program called "The NOLA Experience." Nola Experience is a week-long program where a hundred or so first year/freshmen students participate in a crash course on New Orleans before classes start. The students are divided up into "Tracks" by specialty and are immersed in that topic whether the topic is New Orleans music, cooking, community service, what have you. The foodie track eats at Dookie Chase's and Lil Dizzies - you get the idea.

One of the tracks is a "Sports in New Orleans" track and the activities includes a Tulane Day where a couple of dozen students get to tour athletic department facilities, meet with a couple of student athletes, participate in a seminar/lecture with Gabe Feldman (head of Tulane's Sports Law program), etc.. The other days they get to tour the Superdome and the Pelican's arena, etc.

So the booster clubs rounded up some food donations from the Tulane fans at Cafe 615 Da Wabbit, baked us some cookies, printed up some koozies with the 2013 Home Schedule, made a Welcome Banner, and put out some cute Tulane colored table cloths. Easy Peazy.

It was a dee-lightful and positive event. Big Mike got to say things only Big Mike could say (because no generation of Tulane students should leave Tulane without knowing of Big Mike). And the booster clubs were glad to help out in a positive way.

This here is a picture of Big Mike with CB Darion Monroe, DE Julius Warmsley and former SGA president Evan Nichol.

You never know.....the future Conk Naquin, Doug Hertz, Malcolm Glazer or Big Mike could be in that group. We were glad to roll out a green carpet for them. So in the end, we hope it planted a seed to be proud of their Alma Mater and have fun supporting Tulane wherever life leads them.

And at least come watch Ryan Grant once for free before they have to pay to watch him play in person on Sundays.

One more week y'all and then it's officially Tailgating Season! Hullabaloo ray ray!

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