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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dude, please

I present to you: The Black Tuesday Statement TM issued to explain away the Epic Meltdown. Interspersed with my snarky dialogue of course.

"Tulane men’s basketball sophomore guard Ricky Tarrant has requested and been granted a release to speak with other institutions regarding a transfer from the university."

Except that earlier his daddy allegedly said that Tulane refused to sign his transfer request, see (guess TPTB don't follow twitter)

"Additionally, junior forward Josh Davis and senior guard Ben Cherry, who will graduate from Tulane in May, have requested and been granted permission to speak with other institutions about graduate participation."

Lawd. Facepalm.

"Davis is also considering his professional basketball opportunities, but his options also include a return to the Green Wave for a senior season."

Please. Man. Just stop.

"In addition, sophomore post Lotanna Nwogbo has requested and been granted a release to speak with other institutions regarding a transfer from Tulane."

(and Kendall Timmons RE-Tweeted this!)

“We wish these young men all the best in what lies ahead in their basketball careers,” Tulane Coach Ed Conroy said. “Despite their possible departures, we look forward to building upon the success of this program.”

“We are disappointed to have these young men leave our basketball program but unfortunately this is becoming more prevalent in men’s basketball,” Tulane Director of Athletics Rick Dickson said.

In complete denial I see. Every program implodes each and every season. It's just business as usual around these parts. Nothing to worry about.

“Our basketball program is coming off its best season in 13 years and we have a talented (?) core group (???) of players coming back next year.”


“We are also excited (!) about the talent level in this year’s signing class, which is expected to have an immediate impact on the team.”

What planet are you on?

"As with all transfer inquiries, the four student-athletes requests were reviewed and processed according to Tulane and NCAA rules and regulations."

Smashing! Well, there's that we can hang our hat on then.

Seriously. I have a thousand things to say about all of this.

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